Find Out if the Andris Profoil is Right for You: Model 17150 Review

Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium Review

Like most men, you may be wondering if the Andris Profoil is right for you.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Do you get razor burn easily?

Have you tried regular razors or other electric shavers? Yet still, have issues with sensitive skin?

I assure you razor burn or bumps are no fun. They sting, itch, and also make you feel self-conscious about your looks.

You will find a complete review with the pros and cons, what men who use this razor have to say about it, a comparison to a comparable shaver, FAQs, and tips as well as the final verdict.

The Andis 17150 Profoil LithiumAndis 17150 Profoil Lithium review

The Andis 17150 is a compact lightweight electric shaver that you can use with or without the cord. It is wonderful for finishing fades and gives a very nice close shave even if you have very curly hair.

Who is the Andis Company?

The Andis Company has a long history of tradition. Started in 1922, as the Andis Clipper Company, today it still manufactures shavers as well as sells their products in 90 countries worldwide.

The Andis 17150 Profoil is a lightweight compact electric shaver that makes it easy to travel; making it great for men on the go. It also helps decrease razor burn which is a huge plus for those men who have sensitive skin but still want to look their best. It offers a quiet, close shave even for very curly hair.

The Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of this shaver?

With this Andis Profoil Review, we have the pros and cons for you to help with making an informed decision.

Pros Andis 17150

  • Nonstop run time of 80 minutes more than any other shaver
  • Operates both corded and cordless so even if you forgot to charge it you can finish your shave
  • Affordable to all
  • Warranty
  • Great for finishing of fades
  • Compact size makes it easy for men with arthritic hands to get a great shave

Cons Andis 17150

  • Only for dry shave you cannot use shaving cream or gel which for men with sensitive skin could cause issues
  • A few complaints on charge light not working or not charging but I would say after the research I have done  that would be less than 5%
  • Must clip beard and mustache close with Clippers first before using this shaver or it pulls the hair and doesn’t cut well
  • A couple reviewers have mentioned that it is louder than they expected

Who is this product for?

Who is this product best suited for?

All men, so long as they clip back beard and mustache close to the face before using if they have not shaven in a week, it will work fine allowed more than a 5 o’clock shadow to grow meaning it has been several days since you last shaved.

Also, men with very curly facial hair this product is for you, as attested to by a couple African American men in the customer reviews.

It is also good for men who travel or have arthritis in their hands, due to its lightweight compact design; not only does it travel easily but it is easy to grasp and hang on to while shaving.

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Key features of the Andis Profoil

The key features of this product are:

  • 80 minutes continues run time on a charge, means you should have more than enough time to shave your face and your head if you are going for the bald look.
  • This shaver works both with cord and cordless, so if you forgot to charge it you can still finish a shave using the cord.
  • The battery is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion.
  • The Andis Profoil 17150 is lightweight under 5 ounces and compact measuring 5 x 3 x 8 inches.
  • The shaver has staggered hypo-allergenic foil heads so you get a close shave without irritation to face, especially those with sensitive skin.
  • With a slim, lightweight design it is a great compact shaver for men with joint issues in their hands.

Andis 17150 Profoil with a watch

Customer Reviews

What are customers saying about this shaver?

Here are a few reviews by customers who bought this product; both good and bad.

I have purchased several different electric shavers; I have to say this shaver has impressed me. It gives a great close shave without nicks or cuts and best of all, no razor burn. Being compact and lightweight is a plus for people like me who travel frequently.”By Chuck
This is the perfect shaver, especially for African American men or men with very curly facial hair without need to apply much pressureBy Trey
Quiet and holds a long charge, does not irritate my skin, and is easy to travel with.By Ryan
Over all, it is a good shaver, however; I have issues with the charge light not working. Also, it can be difficult to get around the nose and chin area since the heads do not pivot as much as other shaversBy Ben
The charging light is not working, I cannot tell if the shaver is charging or not. I read over 100 of the reviews, this is supposed to be quiet but I find it rather loud.By Jack
I have been using this shaver for a month now; it is relatively quiet especially compared to some other electric shavers. It is lightweight and compact, making it easier for my arthritic hands to hold and use. I would recommend this shaver to anyone looking for a good electric shaver.”By Paul


Andis Profoil vs Wahl 5 Star shaverandis vs wahl

Considering the better battery and extra 20 minutes of run time on a charge you can see that Andis is a better choice compared to the Wahl; especially when you consider the close shave without irritation. The extra 20 minutes you get with the Andis is due to the Lithium Ion battery compared to the Ni-Cad battery of the Wahl. The Andis is also quieter than the Wahl.

While the Wahl is an alternative to the Andis Profoil I find that is not quite as good when it comes to how long the charge will last, noise level, and it is a few dollars more than the Andis.

 Andis ProFoilWahl 5 Star Series
PriceEconomicalA few dollars more than Andis but economical
Noise levelLow noise levelA bit louder than Andis
Battery run time80 Minutes60 Minutes
Warranty1 YearYou must contact Wahl and ask

FAQs and tips


Q: Where can you purchase this product?
Q: How long does it take for delivery?
Q: What comes with this shaver?
Q: What kind of warranty does it have?
Q: Is the Andis able to ship to countries outside the USA?
Q: Can you get replacement foil and cutter for this shaver?
Q: Am I using this wrong, it does not seem to shave well; I am moving in circles with it like I have done with other electric shavers? You just simply go in the direction of either left to right or up to down otherwise you do not get a good shave and could end up with razor burn or worse an infected follicle from hair being pulled.


Here are some tips when shaving with the Andis when shaving with the Andis Profoil

  • Read all the instructions that come with this shaver before using.
  • Do not apply a lot of pressure when shaving or you could have skin irritation or razor burn.
  • Be sure to clean your shaver with your cleaning brush after each use so that you do not cause skin irritation, acne, or spread of acne or other skin issues.
  • Always make sure you are shaving in the right direction which will ease skin irritation.
  • If you have a beard or mustache that is full or long; cutting it back with clippers first will help the shaver cut better and not pull your hair.

Final VerdictAndis Profoil verdict

I would recommend the Andis Profoil because it is quiet, gives a close shave with less irritation, and has an 80 minute continuous cordless run time. It also will fit most budgets with its reasonable price.

Also, with 66% of 368 customers giving the Andis Profoil a 5-star rating, several of them being professional stylist and shop owners is another reason I would recommend this shaver.

So yes, if you are ready for a close shave with a quiet lightweight shaver, you really need to check out the Andis Profoil. I highly recommend this shaver!


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