Best Electric Shavers 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Most people will agree with the statement that a well-made electric shaver is an important component of any facial hair grooming arsenal. However, finding a good one can be difficult considering all the different options out there. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I have created a buyer’s guide of the top 15 best electric shavers on the market in 2018. Each of the following models is available for sale right now, and as always, they all come with their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages, which I will carefully explore for your convenience.

best electric shavers

Best Electric Shavers of 2018

That amazing electric shaver you want isn’t going to find itself, so now it’s time for us to get down to brass taxes. I have done my research and found that the following electric shavers are the elite among the mere standard.

Shaver NameShaving timeWet/DryType 
Braun Series 7 7865cc
50 min.YesFoil Check Price
Braun Series 9 9290CC50 min.YesFoil Check Price
Panasonic Arc 5
45 min.YesFoil Check Price
Philips Norelco 890060 min.YesRotary Check Price
Wahl Professional 806160 min.NoFoil Check Price
Panasonic Arc 445 min.YesFoil Check Price
Philips Norelco Shaver 450050 min.YesRotary Check Price
Braun CoolTec45 min.YesFoil Check Price
Remington F5-580060 min.NoFoil Check Price
Braun Series 345 min.YesFoil Check Price
Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium80 min.NoFoil Check Price
Remington F2-3800L30 min.NoFoil Check Price
Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/7045 min.YesBlade Check Price
Kissliss Electric Shaver120 min.YesRotary Check Price
SURKER 3 In 160 min.YesRotary Check Price

1. Braun Series 7 7865cc – Best choice, even in 2018

Braun Series 7 7865ccAsk anyone who uses a shaver and they’ll have their own preferred choice. Shaver’s, after all, are a personal choice depending on what you are looking for in terms of results. All of us have gone through various types of shavers, from the budget-friendly ones to the high-end stylish ones. Based on our past user-experiences we have come to a decision on a brand of shaver that we like best. For today’s review, we will be looking at the Braun Series 7 7865cc.

The Series 7 7865cc German engineering design is among the latest in electric shavers currently in the market. The workmanship and comfort that comes with this new design are well worth the value and price that you pay for. For one, it has a sleek design that is available in either metal gray or stainless steel silver. The packaging comes with a convenient travel set which includes a travel pouch, it’s very own cleaning cartridge, a cleaning brush as well as a smart plug and the Clean & Charge station. The overall packaging makes this shaver convenient to pack and sturdy in travel. The main draw factor here is the innovation Clean & Charge station that comes in a compact black set.


The 7865cc has four cutting systems included in the head of the shaver. These are:

  • 1- Active Lift
  • 2- Trimmer Protective
  • 3- Skin Guard
  • 4- OptiFoil

Each design is built to reduce irritation whilst ensuring a tender shaving experience, cutting facial hair at a close proximity of 0.05mm from the skin. The shaver is also 100% waterproof, going as deep as five meters of water, which means you can shave under the shower or cleaning the head under running water. This German engineered shaver is built to sustain prolonged use in humid and moist environments and can be used with foal, cream, gel or just normal soap.

It also boasts 30,000 cross-cutting actions in a minute and also has five distinctive shaving modes from sensitive to the turbo. You can try each one of them to see which mode fits your needs best.

The Braun 7665cc also has the amazing 8D Flexible Shaving System that cuts facial hair in two distinctive ways:

  • MacroMotion
  • MicroMotion

These two cutting combinations are flexible which makes cutting any problematic beard or mustache easy on different contours of the face and neck. The 7865cc also takes care of ingrown hairs with its ActiveLift feature which recognizes hairs that are lying flat or stuck inside the skin and lifts these hairs gently. You won’t feel any pain at all.

The Braun Series 7 7865cc is fitted with an indicator that serves as a reminder to clean your shaver head or charge its batter. You’ll also find buttons at the lower end that lets you control the power speed to your own comfort whereas the blue button is, of course, the power button. The conveniently placed LCD screen shows you what modes you have chosen, the power, and it also shows you the battery life.

Speaking of battery, the 7 7865cc is equipped with Li-Ion battery which ensures better performance and even better quick-charging capabilities. You can get it fully charged in an hour or quickly charged in five minutes.

Best Feature

The Braun Series 7 7865cc best feature is its automatic cleaning and charging station. The methods employed in the station is geared to preserve the blade’s effectiveness and its head as if it has been untouched. The cleaning station removes any remnants inside the head and is also has a lemon-fragrance to it. Once cleaned, the station will move on to charging. Next, lubrication is done to maintain the blade’s sharpness. The final step is the drying system that maintains the shaver’s durability and performance.

As you can probably tell, the Braun Series 7 is not going to be the perfect shaver for everybody. It is somewhat cumbersome to use, and it can cost a lot when compared to other similar models. However, that doesn’t mean it is not a superior device that can get the job done right even when it has been used multiple times.

The Braun Series 7 7865cc predecessor is the Braun Series 7 790cc. While they do vary in price, the main takeaway between these two is, of course, the difference in performance specifications. The features of the 7865cc are certainly an upgrade and if you haven’t used a Braun shaver before this would be an extremely good start.


  • The Clean & Charge station takes care of all troubles that come with owning an electric shaver
  • The ergonomic design makes it fall-proof
  • It is also perfect for moist or humid environments
  • Gentle on the skin, even when removing ingrown hair
  • Can be used with aftershave lotion, gel or cream.
  • Versatile can be used in wet or dry conditions


  • You may need to invest in cartridges as it only comes with one. These are sold in packages of 3 units.
  • Its four cutting elements might pose as noise pollution especially for those who want a quiet shaving experience in morning.

 2. Braun Series 9 9290CC  – The best shaver for the grooming conscious male

Braun Series 9 9290CCThe new generation Braun series 9 features the 9290cc which comes with a new silver treatment and also includes the automatic clean & charge station. It’s black and silver body is all around elegant and stylish plus it is also compact and easy to travel with.

The Braun Series 9 9290cc has a textured rubberized grip which makes it comfortable to hold and also saves you from unnecessary falls in the shower. It is also lightweight.

This model supersedes its predecessor, the Braun Series 9 9090CC in design. This new shaver comes with chrome finishing giving it that sleek look but it also has a plastic body which is probably the reason why it is lightweight. The 9290cc is one of the bestselling Series 9 shavers because it has a lower price tag compared to the other models in the series.

The 9290cc shaver boasts 4 individual cutting modes which are:

OptiFoilsHyperLift & Cut TrimmerDirect trimmerSkinGuard
Built to shave hairs that are flat-lay or ingrown. The hexagon shaped holes notorious in the Braun brand are built to capture hair compared to the regular rounded ones you normally see on other brands of shavers.
Trimmer is designed to lift and cut flat-lying hairs. The trimmer also comes with a titanium nitride coating which is anti-corrosive.
Enables you to shave and capture hair that grows in many different directions.
Is a feature that helps smoothen the shaving process, resulting in a cleaner and smoother shave.

The shaver also boasts a 5 action alcohol-based cleaning that cleans, lubricates and also adds freshness to the blade thanks to its citrusy fragrance. The cleaning dock also charges the shaver while it is being cleaned, making you save more time. The cleaning dock is built with an automatic sensor that determines when your shaver was last cleaned and it chooses the best cleaning program for your shaver.

Best Feature

Among the best feature of this 9290cc model is the SyncroSonic Technology. In the Series 7, Braun incorporated a feature that allowed a user to change the output power of the shaver based on the area of skin they were shaving on. These were rendered useless by users and Braun took note of it. The Series 9 totally removes this feature altogether. Braun instead introduced the SyncroSonic technology that reads the density of hair and automatically adjusts the power output.

This shaver also comes with a 10-dimensional flexible pivoting head. What this means is that is has independent flexible cutting elements fitted to its 10-dimensional head that has both micro and macro motion, resulting in a more closer shave to the skin. The cutting elements also make it adaptable to the facial contours.

The biggest drawback for this shaver is the cassettes that need to be free of shaving foams and dripping water before it is placed in the cleaning dock. The cleaning cartridges don’t last long and are pricey too. The Braun Series 9 9290cc shaver is an excellent buy especially for those who have sensitive skin. It is the best electric shaver so far for sensitive skin that also gives the user a smooth shave without being harsh on the skin.

Overall, the Braun Series 9 9290CC made its way to the top of my list for a reason. It is a solid machine.


  • It’s elegant designs is stylish and classy
  • It has exceptional cutting mechanisms
  • The titanium coated trimmer is superior in quality
  • In built stainless steel precision trimmer allows for a smooth and even finish
  • SyncroSonic technology to control the output power based on beard density
  • 10D pivoting head with 5 multi-head lock
  • Waterproof up to five meters
  • Quick charge option in under 15 minutes and full charge up to 1 hour
  • Alcohol based cleaning dock


  • The size of the shaving head makes it hard to reach areas such as under the nose
  • Manual cleaning can be tedious
  • Expensive

3. Panasonic Arc 5 – Best Electric Razor for Closeness and Comfort

Panasonic Arc 5Another reputable brand in men’s grooming is Panasonic. Panasonic is already a household name for kitchen and home appliances, gadgets as well as women’s grooming. In today’s review, we look at Panasonic razors, specifically, the Panasonic Arc 5 because it is basic yet superior in the quality razor.

The Arc 5 delivers a pretty good close shave. The Arc 5 is a foil shaver with 5 blades and has been touted as the best razor for those with heavy and thick beards. It also comes equipped with an LED panel which keeps you updated on its battery life. What’s more, it also comes with its very own cleaning and charging dock- a huge plus point.

The Arc 5 also features a 14,000 CPM linear motor. What does this mean to you? Well, nobody likes tugging and pulling while shaving so this motor is designed to prevent hairs from getting coiled up in the shaver and you aggressively pulling your beard and hair out. This shaver also comes with a side trimmer, conveniently helping you to get that clean lines to shave your moustache and beard.

Best Feature

 Apart from giving you a good shave, the Arc 5 also contains 5 different foils that have three different types:

Three Slit FoilsOne Lift-Tech trimmerDirect trimmerOne Finishing foil
They help you cut out long and bulky hairs.
These are great for gently picking up ingrown and flat-lay hairs.
Enables you to shave and capture hair that grows in many different directions.
Great for cutting hairs that grow in every imaginable direction. It also cuts out hair that is missed out from the other trimmers.

The rest of the Arc 5 Models

There are 4 models under the Arc 5 series which are i) ES-LV65-S, ii) ES-LV81-K, iii) ES-LV61 and iv) ES-LV95-S. The Arc 5 series is a premium luxury series under the Panasonic brand.

All these razors are known for their superior close shaving capabilities. They are also fast and powerful and can be used in both wet and dry conditions. The ES-LV65-S version, however, has a large shaving head and many users say that it makes it hard to get into the curves of the face. The replacement blades are pricey too.

The ES-LV81-K comes with a traditional foil head and it also comes with the convenient charging and cleaning unit, increasing the lifespan of your shaver. It also features the nanotech blades which gives you a crisper shave.

The ES-LV61 is a little pricey but it gives users the ultimate shaving experience. For those who don’t want to have the fuss of extensive cleaning, then the ES-LV61 is the shaver for you since it can clean just by running it under a tap and it doesn’t come with its own cleaning station. The LV61 is long lasting though so it is worth your investment.

The most preferred model of the Arc 5 series is the ES-LV95-S. It is solid and has high quality, comes with its own cleaning and charging system and also has a superior active shaving sensor. It is also extremely light at seven ounces.

The head of the shaver is built with three micro thin foils that capture, hold and trim hairs. It also features the Lift-Tech foil that gently raises flat lay hairs and ingrown hairs. The Slit Blade Foil, on the other hand, cuts off longer hair in whatever direction it grows. Overall the ES-LV95-S gives a superior and smooth shave. Despite the high price tag, the details that are built into the shaver give you value for your money so this is a good investment to pay for in your grooming essentials.


  • It is the best electric razor for close shaving needs
  • It’s pivoting head and 5 trimmers in its head offer excellent results
  • Perfect for shaving on thick and heavy beads
  • Can be used in both wet and dry conditions


  • IIt has a big head which makes shaving under the jaw line uncomfortable
  • It can get itchy and would not recommend this for those with sensitive skin

4. Philips Norelco 8900 – Best Rotary Shaver for Head and Beard

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900Philips is no doubt a trusted brand in the electronics industry. They produce everything from TVs to the kitchen and home appliances as well as personal grooming gadgets. Philips is also a preferred brand when it comes to rotary shavers. The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 has all the practicalities men want in a shaver for a clean, crisp and smooth shave.

At first glance, the Norelco 8900 is rechargeable and can be used either in wet or dry conditions and it is also cordless. You can use it with foams, gels or even lotions. For the ultimate shaving experience, this shaver is best used outside the shower with a moisturizing shaving product because it produces a much cleaner and closer shave. For a quick clean, this shaver can be washed and rinsed easily under a tap.

Upon closer inspection, you will notice that the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver has three small rotary heads fitted into one major head. Each head is built to move in eight different directions and Philips says that this helps cut 20% more hair than a normal shaver. The small rotary heads also contain V-track precision blades which apparently cuts 30% closer to the surface of the skin, resulting in a smoother finish without the discomfort. Like all shavers in the market, the Philips Norelco also comes with LED display so you know when to change your shaving head and also indicates whether your travel lock is on.

Appearance wise, the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 has an angled body making it easier and comfortable to hold in your hands giving you a good grip as you go along your jawline and contours of your face shaving.

Best Feature

The Norelco also comes with a SmartClick beard styler which you can access by clicking on the button on the side. Use this to trim around your mustache, eyebrows even and sideburns. The styler has a comb-like structure with rounded edges, designed to prevent skin irritation. When you click on the beard styler, you can choose from five different length settings to get the beard that you want. With the styler, ideally, you would be able to recreate the same look for your beard each time at your desired length.

8900 vs 9700 vs 9300

 Wondering how this shaver stacks up to the 9300 and the 9700? There are a few differences. The 9700 and 9300 have three-speed settings while the 8900 does not. Both the 9700 and the 9300 has a digital interface whereas the 8900 has an LED interface. Essentially both are the same electric shavers, with minor differences.

If you want a rotary style shaver but do not want to spend money on a brand you’ve never heard off, then Phillips Norelco is your best bet. You are not only buying a good shaver from a reputable brand, you are also buying the best in personal grooming products.

The Philips Norelco 8900 may be a touch more convenient because of its ergonomically lightweight design. While the replacement shaver heads can be expensive, the truth is, purchasing new shaver heads is part of electric shaver ownership no matter what brand you purchase. However, buying a good shaver isn’t just about the head- it is also the components that make the entire gadget work properly.

If you are looking for a shaver that shaves and can also sculpt and contour, then the Norelco 8900 is for you. The cost you pay to acquire the electric shaver is well worth it especially since it comes with useful applications such as the beard trimmer and the two-year warranty.


  • Pivoting shaver head, ideal for sculpting and contouring
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Battery indicator & LED display
  • Charges fully in 60 minutes
  • Cleans with water or cleaning solution
  • Has a 2 year warranty


  • You need to replace the shaver heads and that cost as much as the shaver itself
  • Power decreases rapidly when the battery is not fully charged

5. Wahl Professional 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

Wahl Professional 8061This next one is kind of difficult to describe, but only because it is designed in a fashion which harkens back to your grandfather’s favorite shaver. At the same time, it is remarkably modern and, I guess you could say, trendy. The old-school concept of the Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Rechargeable Shaver Shaper is definitely unique, and I would say the power and precision it offers is surprisingly up-to-date with today’s best technology.

My review of this one won’t seem as detailed as the other ones, but that’s only because the Wahl 8061 is such a simple device. Despite its otherwise unique appearance, it has every feature you would expect from a good electric shaver. It is sturdy, durable, compact, and travel-friendly. Best of all, at least from my point-of-view, is that it is effective at giving you a nice clean shave even when you’re on the run.

Now, let’s take a moment to break down the main components of the Wahl 5-Star Shaver. While it is rather minimalist in its design and appearance, it is also made to be easy to use and clean. Moreover, its secure casing and lack of extra parts make it one of the longest lasting electric shaver shapers on the market.

Best Feature

If you are anything like me, then you probably want to know what makes an old school-inspired electric shaver so special. What makes it worthy of a spot on my list? I tested it out for myself and this is what I found.

The Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper features a coated hypoallergenic foil on its head, which has dozens of tiny holes that have been placed strategically to clasp onto stubborn strands. Furthermore, this electric shaver has the option of being both corded or cordless. In fact, the Wahl 5-star is so slender and compact that is has just enough room in its body to fit a single battery and not much more.

At first glance, one thinks this shaver is designed to be a quick shave machine, but the Wahl Professional 8061 can also take on bigger shave jobs when used properly. The manufacturer states that it is ideal for a wet or dry shave, but I found that a little lubrication never hurt anybody, no matter what the manufacturer claims. Either way, this tiny yet powerful machine happens to be capable of giving you a super close shave that leaves your skin free of irritation, razor burns, or unsightly bumps no matter how you use it.

The Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper is probably regarded as one of the best because it is such a no-frills device with an incredible fan following. Nevertheless, this shaver, which weighs only about 8 ounces and measures just two and a half inches by a little over one inch in size, packs an undefeatable punch to multi-directional hair growing on the face, chin, jawline, and neck.

As far as electric shavers go, the Wahl 8061 5-Star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper is pretty run of the mill. However, its sleek casing, old school design, and fundamentally functional cutting elements make this one a true contender, even when it is up against its more high-tech cousins. Svelte and somewhat surly, the Wahl 5-Star Shaver is a mean machine when used as directed in the owner’s manual that comes included in the box. All-in-all, I would have to say that this electric razor deserves its number 5 spot on my list, if for no other reason than that it is an affordable and reliable grooming tool despite the fact that it may look a tad bit outdated.

Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, especially in today’s market. Of course, I could lay it all out there and talk about how the Wahl Professional 8061 5-Star Shaver isn’t anything like the other shavers on this list. But you probably know that already. What I will talk about instead are the pros and cons of this model when compared to others like it, not necessarily others in this review.


  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Ergonomic
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rechargeable


  • Standard Blades
  • No Charger
  • Minimal Shave Options
  • No Warranty

6. Panasonic Arc 4 – The BEST Mid-Range and Close Shaver

Panasonic Arc 4The Arc 4 has been circulating the shaving and men’s grooming market since 2011, when it was launched and even till this day, it is still a favorite, hence this review. We will cover the key advantages of this shaver and see exactly what users still like about it.

Firstly, the Arc 4 fills the void between its entry-level sibling, the Arc 3 and its high-end cousin, the Arc 5. Some of the key features that the Arc 4 has is:

·  Four blade cutting system

This shaver has four cutting elements compared to the Arc 5 which well, has 5 blades. But as what we have heard from users, the four blades are well adequate for anyone’s shaving needs. The Arc series of shavers all have an arched shaving head, earning its name and it is specific design seen in all Panasonic brand shavers. The arched head ensures optimal contact with skin combined with powerful motors and sharp precision blades, you will get the closest shave in an electric shaver.

  • 14,000 CPM Motors

A very much desired feature for a good shaver is its cutting power and Panasonic delivers. Their Arc 4 does not skimp on power- their shavers come with 14,000 cycles per minute linear motors which the Arc 5 also has. The Arc 4 cuts the thickest stubble with ease and with no discomfort.

Despite the fact that the body is made out of plastic, the quality is not compromised. True, the Arc 4 does not look as premium as other brands but many users have said that it is tough and durable. With proper care, you would be using it for a number of years.

The Arc 4 series features four different types of shavers. Here’s our list, starting with our favorite:

1. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc 4

This is a shaver that we would recommend often. It has excellent performance and gives you an extremely close shave while making your experience comfortable. It has a multi-flex pivoting head as well as a second motor inside the primary head. The second motor helps the foils vibrate so it effectively captures flat-lying hairs.

 2. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4

There aren’t that many differences between the ES-LA93-K and the shaver described above. The minor change with this version is that it comes in a glossy black body and also includes an automatic cleaning and charging station but it is an older version- big and bulky with pricey cartridges. Plus, cleaning is noisy and it takes a longer time to complete. It is also slightly expensive then the LA63 described above.

 3. Panasonic ES-LF51-A Arc 4

This shaver is another excellent shaver and is more budget conscious. However, it does not have pivoting capabilities as the models mentioned above and neither does it have a second motor. However, if you are looking for a reasonably priced shaver that does a moderate shaving job, then this is a good one to go for. It does, however, include the powerful 14,000 CPM motor and the 30 degrees nano-blades.

4. Panasonic ES8243A Arc 4

The best-selling model of the Arc 4 family is the ES8243A and it also moderately priced. The shaver, however, comes with a 13,000 CPM motor but this still gives plenty of cutting power and it performs amazingly better than similarly priced models from different brands.

There are few things that you need to be wary of with the Panasonic Arc 4 shavers. The Arc 4 is definitely older looking in terms of design and they also use first generation cleaning stations. If the design is what you want, then the Arc 4 may not be impressive to your eye.

Also, in terms of comfort, they also have a low score. If you press too hard, you might end up with a razor burn so if you have sensitive skin, this isn’t the shaver for you.

Finally, the bulky shaving head needs some practice maneuvering around your face and neck and the pop-up trimmer can be a nuisance as it makes it hard to see what you are trimming. But we found that if you remove the foils and the blades, it solves the problem.

That said, these downsides are minor because the benefits are plenty. If you want a shaver that is reasonably priced and you don’t care much of the design, then the Arc 4 is value for your money as it gives you a close shave and has good quality.


  • P10-Stage LCD Display (located conveniently in the handle)
  • Hypoallergenic foils (for extra sensitive skin)


  • It doesn’t come with an automatic cleaning and charging station that’s why the price is low

7. Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 – Economical and Most Selling Electric Shaver

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 Model AT830/46Philips is a brand that has been known to produce amazing shavers. The Norelco brand is among the most popular electric shavers of today. We will be reviewing the Norelco 4500 (Model AT830/46) model.

This model is a cordless and rechargeable shaver that can be used in both wet and dry conditions.  It also includes the DualPrecision shaving head. This DualPrecision shaving head can trim long hair and even short stubbles easily.

Another unique element of this shaver is that it has a rotary style head and not a foil one. The heads have slots as well as holes to snip off hair quickly whether long or short. The design of this shaver is grey and black matte finish with a plastic casing.

The Norelco Shaver is built with a flex, pivot and flute system. This design allows for proper shaving on all the contours of your face. The head of the shaver has the ability to maintain close contact with the skin on your face all the while remaining gentle. This system grabs more hair in just one sweep so you don’t need to worry about going back and forth numerous times over your face and neck. Another great thing about the rotary style shaver is that it will not bounce on and off your skin. Throughout the shaving process, the power stays at a gradual pace even if the battery is low.

Best Feature

The Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) is built with the Aquatec technology making this shaver 100% waterproof. With the Aquatec seal in place, you can use the shaver in the shower or under a running tap without worrying about water getting inside the shaver.  The Norelco shaver can be used for a dry shave or a wet shave along with foam, gels, cream and even lotion.

If you have sensitive skin then using lotion or cream can decrease irritation to the skin. However, using water works just as well. This shaver is a great addition to your grooming needs because it provides the smoothest and cleanest shave if you can get.

This shaver also has something called The Skin Protection System which Phillip’s claims will limit irritation. The shaving heads are designed for low-friction and their rounded shape protects the skin especially in those tender regions such as the neck. For optimum shaving experience, Philips also included a pop-up trimmer with the Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46). This trimmer can do intricate trimming around the smaller spaces of your face such as near the nose and mouth and even trimming the sideburns. When you no longer need to use it, just pop it back down.

Another feature that the Norelco Shaver has is the Super the Lift and Cut dual-blade action. This feature lifts hair up so that trimming can be done effectively and as close to the skin as possible. The result is smoother looking skin for a longer period.  For men who have thicker stubble, this would be a good shaver to use.

Other details of the Philips Norelco shaver is that it is rechargeable and comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery. Of course, the LED indicator will let you know when the battery is low or when it when it needs charging and when it is ready to go.

Like all Philips shavers, it takes about 50 minutes for a full charge and 3 minutes for a quick charge.  The quick charge gives you enough power for just one shave.

One downside to this shaver is that it has no separate charging stand. Perhaps this is one way of keeping the price low. There is, however, a charging cord that you just need to plug and charge.  Since there is no separate charging stand, that also means there is no separate cleaning or drying station either. If you are okay with this, then this shaver will be ideal for you.

All in all, the Norelco Shaver 4500 (Model AT830/46) is a reasonably good shaver.  It comes with a 45-day trial so in case you don’t like it you can return it. The shave also comes with a 2- year warranty protection.

This shaver meet all our shaving expectations because it is comfortable to use,  it results in a close and clean shave and it is not much of a hassle to use. Plus, it gives you an irritant-free shave. If you are someone who doesn’t like many accessories then this model is for you because it does not have any charging or cleaning extensions which help keep the price reasonably low.


  • Smooth shaving
  • Great for hard stubbles and sensitive skin
  • Can be used in wet or dry shaving


  • No cleaning unit
  • No separate charging unit.

8. Braun CoolTec – Cool and Clean Electric Shaver

Braun Cool TecNow let’s talk about the Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System. Simple and efficient is the name of the game with this one. Although it is rather a high tech and features one-of-a-kind innovative functioning, the average user says that it is easy to use and priced just right, coming in at just over $120. I liked how, despite its less-than-impressive appearance and lack of extra features, it was a real beast to my stubborn neck hairs and it didn’t cause any irritation whatsoever.

The Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System 1 Kit actually has more features than you might expect out of such a minimalistic design. Hidden beneath its casing is a collection of mechanical and electrical components which give this device its impressive resume. And while I try not to pick favorites, I did think this electric shaver gave a great cut for the money. As always, however, you can count on my Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System review being without bias.

Keep in mind that there is no electric shaver that is 100% perfect. It’s all about how the machine feels gliding over your face, whether it sits well in your hand, and if you can afford it. Even though the CoolTec system is rather cheap in comparison to other models, the shave it provides might be exactly what you’re looking for. What I’m trying to say is this: do not judge a book by its cover, or a shaver by its price and appearance for that matter.

Best Feature

The CoolTec Men’s Shaving System 1 Kit is loaded with user-friendly features, despite its lack of buttons and knobs. It has a brand-patented Active Cooling Technology which cools off the skin during a shave, reducing the effects of friction such as sensitivity and irritation. Users simply push the snowflake button on the front of the shaver to begin feeling the cooling sensation. I find it especially interesting that the Active Cooling feature is the first of its kind.

The CoolTec also features a three-stage cutting system that is fully adaptable to the contours of a face. It works by using three separate shaving elements that move independently from one another. While this is a rather standard feature on many of today’s electric shavers, I found that the CoolTec uses somewhat higher quality blades and foils thus it provides a closer and more comfortable cut. It uses SensoBlade Technology too, which is just a fancy way of saying it senses abstract hairs and captures them without snagging.

One of the most popular features, besides the Active Cool Technology, is the patented Clean and Renew System that comes included with the $120 price tag. It is designed to clean, charge, and lubricate the machine, just like the other models mentioned here. The only difference is that it doesn’t cost extra and it may not be what some people are looking for in terms of a bathroom counter-worthy fixture.

Again, I urge you not to judge the Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System 1 Kit by its appearance. What the manufacturer saved on aesthetics was spent on functionality and innovation. That is evidenced by the fact that it is a wet/dry shaver as well, meaning it can be used in the shower or over the sink.

While the Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System does a good job at cutting down on skin irritation, it does lack the ability to swivel or maneuver around hard-to-reach places such as the face, neck, jawline and chin. However, when it is used properly and kept at the right angle, this electric shaver has tremendous cutting power and can effectively remove stubborn face, neck, jaw, and chin hairs with minimal issue.

All in all, I thought that the Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System was a solid piece of engineering. Although the manufacturer obviously didn’t spend a lot of time or money on the appearance, its power, and smooth shaving ability more than makeup for that. No, this shaver isn’t some hideous machine that you must make excuses for; it’s just not the most masculine or high tech-looking thing on the market right now. The bottom line is that it gets the job done, no frills about it.

Then again, the Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System 1 Kit doesn’t really need more than a couple buttons on its LED display to be one of the most user-friendly models in this review. As always, it’s a matter of personal taste which of these shavers you choose. However, you can take my word for it that the CoolTec is a good buy if you don’t mind having an electric shaver that isn’t sponsored by the NFL or that doesn’t look like something a Transformer would use.

Pros and Cons

You would be surprised if I didn’t find at least a couple things wrong with the Braun CoolTec Men’s Shaving System in this review. Indeed, I did. However, I also found that it had plenty of redeeming qualities which make it a solid purchase. Let’s take a look at the pro and con comparison now:


  • Patented Active Cooling System
  • Aluminum Cooling Bar
  • Adaptable 3-stage Cutting System
  • Integrated Electro-Ceramic Cooling Element
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Precision Long-Hair Trimmer attachment included
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • One-hour Full Charge Battery Life
  • One-hour Full Cycle Cleaning System


  • Rudimentary LED Display
  • Subject to Lithium-ion battery life reduction over time
  • Not as ergonomically designed as other models

9. Remington F5-5800 – The Best Budget-Friendly Electric Shaver

Remington F5-5800 Foil ShaverRemington F5-5800 although it is the least expensive model on my list, is still a solid electric razor with a lot of qualities and features that should have increased its price if not also its fan following. Don’t let the plain appearance fool you. The Remington F5-5800 definitely exemplifies the quality standard of the Remington brand.

Actually, I think the Remington F5-5800 could serve as the go-to shaver for men who want a good, clean cut on a dime store budget. Needless to say, the low price tag on the Remington F5 is not indicative of its value. As the last product in my electric shaver review, I would just like to state that this razor is about as basic as it gets. For one thing, it comes in a hard plastic package instead of a box, and that’s mostly due to the fact that there are no extras included with your purchase.

Taking the time to consider the less expensive electric shavers is not a bad idea. This masculine-looking machine got its spot on my list by being worth more than its price suggests. At first, I was like you: skeptical that a cheap shaver could do as good of a job as the $200+ ones I reviewed earlier. The fact of the matter is simple, however. Sometimes, you get more than you bargain for. So now let’s see if that is, in fact, the case with the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver.

Best Feature

The Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is cordless yet offers an exceptional battery life between charges. It has a 60-minute cordless runtime, and a short one-hour charge session will give users up to 20 days of power. There is also a quick 5-minute charging function which provides just enough juice for a fast groom. This electric shaver can be used with or without the cord, and its power level stays pretty much the same regardless of which method you choose. Unlike some of the other models on this list, the Remington F5-5800 does not have a power surge or sensor to maintain power even as the power source begins to wane.

It does not come with a cleaning or charging station either, which is one of the main reasons why it is so inexpensive. However, it does come packaged with a two-sided cleaning brush that pretty much takes care of things for you in that regard. Additionally, the Remington F5 and its surgical steel blades is completely washable. The manufacturer suggests simply running the shaver under the tap to release any hairs that might be stuck in the foil head.

As for the foil head, it pivots at a comfortable angle and flexes slightly as well, to help the shaver adjust to the shape of his face, neck, chin, and jawline. This feature assists the shaver in achieving closer and more comfortable contact with the skin, giving a much better shaving experience than a straight razor can provide as a result. The Remington F5-5800 Foil Razor uses an integrated Intercept Shaving Technology too. This is just a fancy way of saying that the shaver features a cutting element which sits invisibly between the foils to pre-cut long hairs before the main blades get their chance.

The Pivot and Flex feature of the foils mean that they actually move independently, allowing the Remington F5-5800 to promote smooth, irritation-free skin during and after a shave. This particular shaver also has that pop-out detail trimmer that most groomers love, with the capacity to cut thick sideburns, mustaches, beards, and neck hairs easily. Perhaps most impressive is that the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver packs all that power into a sleek and ergonomically-sound body that weighs only one pound.

While there are some drawbacks to owning the Remington F5-5800, what you get for the money isn’t bad in my trained eyes. For about $20 you can score some screen and cutter replacements, and a nice protective organizer or carrying case will only cost you around 10 bucks. Altogether you could get a reliable and powerful electric shaver, and plenty of accessories, for a total of (give or take) $50, which really ain’t bad at all

According to my diligent market research, the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver is more or less comparable to the more expensive models in this review. However, it is not ideal for men (or women) who are looking for high-tech, multi-functional shavers with lots of extra features. The Remington F5 is about as traditional as it gets, with just enough modern updates to keep it relevant in the market.

Bottom line, the Remington F5-5800 is just about as far as I would suggest going in terms of purchasing an inexpensive electric shaver. That is to say: there is a huge gap between the quality of this shaver and the quality of other shavers that come in at the same price point. It is the bottom of the barrel, at least when it comes to this article. However, that is not to suggest that the Remington F5 isn’t worth every cent you end up spending on it.

Pros and Cons

Now, you wouldn’t expect my Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver review to be void of a list of pros and cons for this product, would you? As much value as I see in this shaver and respect the maker, I have to do my job here. This handheld electric razor has earned its recognition in this article, but there are some things it is obviously lacking. So let’s get this over with, shall we?


  • Cuts three-day growth without snagging
  • Lightweight
  • Battery Powered or Cordless Operating Options
  • LED Battery Power Display
  • Pop-Out Detail Trimmer
  • Waterproof and Washable
  • 60-Minute Runtime (Cordless)
  • Under $50
  • 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Does Not Come with a Cleaning/Charging Station
  • No Carrying Case Included
  • Screens and Cutters Need to be Replaced Annually
  • No Power Sensor or Regulator
  • No Storage Dock Available

10. Braun Series 3 – Best Electric Shaver for Men

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3010sAnother German made shaver is the Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s. In the world of men’s grooming Braun is considered the world’s number one shaver brand.  The Series 3 Proskin 3040 is not only attractive but also effective in shaving.  It has a distinctive plastic black and blue body with a circular on-off button right at the center front of the shaver.

The Series 3 line is priced at a slightly more affordable range compared to other Braun shavers.  The Series 3 has a variety of additional features such as the triple cutting system. Compared to other Braun shavers, the Series 3 does not include pivoting head or the intelligent Sonic technology.  However, it has other great and useful features that all Braun shavers are known for. Among its practical features are its full washability as well as its flexible cutting elements. If you are under budget then the series 3 is an ideal shaver to purchase from the Braun brand.

The ProSkin 3040s comes with a silver foil head and it doesn’t look like the basic foil types you see on other shaver brands. The ProSkin head actually has three different sections. The two end foils are the same as any other shaver but look closely and you’ll see that the middle foil section actually has a zipper-comb design. This design according to Braun is their exclusive triple action cutting system. With this technology, each foil section is independent of each other, moving and floating according to a person’s unique facial contours.

Having two different types of files it will ensure that bought long as well as short hairs are trimmed off effectively with each stroke. Beards as old as three days would be shaved off easily with minimum effort.

Braun has designed these foils with the micro-comb technology.  With this technology, facial hair will easily get caught in the combs thus enabling more hair to be lifted before they are cut off.

Best Feature

Of course, there is the convenient LED display at the front of the shaver that will tell you your current battery level. There is a series of bright green LED lines that give you an indication of the battery level on your shaver.  The light starts blinking when there is only one bar left that means it’s time to plug in.

Another unique technology that the Braun shaver has is called Sensofoils. This technology is designed to minimize shaving burns and rashes. With the Sensofoil, you can now get a close shave via the optimized foil cuts.  It is not only an efficient way of saving but it will also leave your skin smooth and clean always.

You must also know that this shaver is 100% washable. A quick rinse under the tap would do the trick and keep your shaver in perfect condition. Also, if you drop your shaver in the bathtub you can be assured that it would still be working. The shaver can be submerged for up to 5 meters in water.

A full charge will take you 45 to 50 minutes where is a quick charge will take you 5 minutes. This is slightly longer than most shavers we have tried.

All in all, this shaver is value for money. It may not have premium or high-end features that other series under the Braun brand has but it still does a great job of ensuring that you get a good shave. The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040sS one of the best affordable range shivers that you can find under a good brand it gets the shaving job done with maximum comfort and minimum effort.


  • MicroComb technology
  • Triple action cutting system
  • SensoFoil
  • Wet & Dry – 100% washable
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery


  • No cleaning or charging station

Top 5 Shavers Under $50 That Give Premium Shavers A Run For Their Money

When we want to buy something, we always want the best and often times the best also comes with a high price tag. But then again, there are affordable items that are not premium but are still more reliable and long-lasting than premium products.

The same can be said for shavers too. There are plenty of shavers in different pricing categories that appeal to different consumer groups. You may think that under $50 shavers are not reliable but in truth, there are quite some good brands out there which are as reliable, sturdy and does a great job. Here’s our list of under $50 shavers that you can look into if you are in the market for affordable and reliable shavers.

11. Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium

Andis 17150 Profoil LithiumThe Andis 17150 Lithium Profoil shaver is considered a lightweight shaver if you compare it to other similar brands.It is made out of grayish polymer and has moderate sturdiness. From customer reviews, we can take it that this shaver can break easily so try not to drop it too much. However, this may be the reason why the shaver is lightweight. Also, the fact that it is lightweight makes it an ideal travel essential.

It also includes a hypo-allergenic foil with titanium coating. The battery life on the Andis 17150 Lithium Profoil shaver is one of its best features. It can last up to 80 minutes of shaving time when it has been charged to its full capacity.

Another great thing about this is that is can be used either corded or cordless and it is an ideal shaver for finishing fades. This shaver would prove to be an ideal addition especially if you are meticulous about trimming your beard and mustache and keeping the style as long as possible.

What is not so great about this shaver is that you can only use it for a dry shave and without any gels or creams so if you have sensitive skin, this would be a major issue. You must also clip your beards and mustache first before using this shaver so if you are in a rush, this shaver would be time-consuming to use.

This shaver’s durability is questionable. While it is affordable, the durability would be an issue to some so if you are prone to dropping your shaver then this brand may not be suitable for you. Also, the fact that it can only be used for dry shave would be off-putting for those with sensitive skin.

12. Remington F2-3800L Foil Shaver

Remington F2-3800LThe Remington F2-3800L can be your shaver of choice if you want a hassle-free razor that gives you smooth finishes but also rechargeable. The Remington shaver comes with two flexing foils that are fitted with surgical stainless steel blades. It cuts close to your facial contours and results in a gentle and clean shave.

What’s great about this shaver, apart from its affordability is its cordless mode. If you are someone who hates wires everywhere, then you will like this device because it can be used in wireless mode after recharging, reducing cables and wires in your home.

It also has a decent run time, running up to 30 minutes after a full charge. Its Flex Foil Technology is also another plus point. The first foil cuts long hair and the second one cut hair even closer to the skin surface giving you a smooth finish. You will not experience irritation or burns to the skin.

The downside to this shaver is that it has a very long charging time especially in a time when other gadgets and shavers are built to have superior charging capabilities. Time is of essence anyway and the last thing you want to worry about especially in the morning is having to charge your charger. The Remington F2-3800L takes a whopping 16 hours to be fully charged. This is definitely not ideal for someone whose morning’s needs to be quick.

The biggest downside for this model has got to be the charging time because otherwise, this model is both affordable and has all the necessary features that you would want in a shaver Apart from that, this shaver does not have other useful functions such as battery life indicator which would come in handy any given day.

13. Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/70

Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/70The Philips Norelco OneBlade QP2520/70 is definitely one of a kind. At first, the shaver may look like a regular wet shaver with a colorful body. The lime green highlights may not be something every man would be keen on but it does have a sleek and sporty modern design to it. If you are looking for something different in terms of design, then this is a good choice for the shaver. The remainder of the body is covered in glossy dark plastic.

The Blade designed by Philips for this shaver is what gives the Norelco OneBlade its name. It has the shaver head size of a Gillette wet shaver head but does not let the size fool you. It looks small sitting on top of a large handle but if you look closely, the blade is a work of art.

The blade itself has a crosshatch pattern, with green teeth comb all around it. This is designed to protect your skin from the smooth blade, ensuring that your skin is protected but still giving you a smooth shave as close to the skin. The OneBlade design enables the shaver to cut hairs in a back and forth motion, something that most electric beard trimmers cannot do.

The OneBlade is a well-designed and innovative shaver which can be used for both shaving and trimming.

While the OneBlade is a new technology in grooming, it isn’t for everyone. Philips has made it so that you would need to change the blade, keeping the cost of the shaver low. However, the blade replacement itself is quite expensive and does not fit with the cost measure of the Philips Norelco OneBlade. It is also not suitable for thick, coarse and flat-lying hairs.

14. Kissliss Electric Shaver

Kissliss Electric ShaverThe wonderful thing about this shaver is that is charges via USB. Unlike other shavers that come with plugs and wires and stations of its own, the Kissliss Electric Shaver is a class of its own when it comes to charging capabilities. With the USB charging feature, you can just plug it into your computer and leave it to full charge of an hour, which gives you 120 minutes of use. This is a pretty long use time compared to even high-end premium brands.

The head of the shaver is easy to remove and it is also waterproof which also makes it easy to clean. All you need to do is run it under hot water and it will look spanking new. The Kissliss shaver is also waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes so you can use this in the shower as well.

Another great feature about this shaver is that it allows you to shave in multiple directions. The three floating heads rotate in four directions and it automatically adjusts to the contours of your face. Also, you’d be happy to know that the blades are self-sharpening so they always stay sharp for a good close shave.

The price is among its best features since it is affordable and excellent value overall. Kissliss also sells replacement heads, you can get a pack of three heads at about $19. Replacing the shaver heads isn’t rocket science so cleaning and replacing is a breeze.

The warranty period is 15 months which covers both the factory faults as well as any breakages. The shave itself is great but not superior. This shaver will do the job quickly and painless so for a shaver at this price, it is value for money.

There are minor setbacks to the Kissliss shaver. Firstly, it has a weak plastic lock that breaks within a short amount of use. The unit will still operate though. Also, the head cap can also wear out easily and the power buttons fail quite a bit. While these issueshave been reported by a small number of users, it is still something worth mentioning and being aware of.

15. SURKER 3 In 1 

SURKER 3 In 1The Surker 3-in-1 is a multi-function electric shaver which can be used for the face as well as for any body part such as the bikini line. The shaver comes fitted with a nose trimmer which is a feature that all men like in their shavers because it cuts the time shaving without having to switch gadgets. The Surker has a 3D rotary shaver that allows you to have at every crevice and contour of the face and neck with ease.

It is also easy to pack and travel with since it is built compact and isn’t so heavy. You can clean and smooth out your stubbles with this shaver and it also trims your hair effectively helping you keep its shape.

The Surker 3-in-1 has a number of practical and useful features that enhance its usability and performance. It has an interchangeable head so you can use it to trim your sideburns, your nose hair and also shave your beard and mustache. The shaver also comes with the convenient LED charge indicator which alerts you to the current battery level. Despite it being under $50, this saver is waterproof and can be submerged with no damage to the unit. Of course, this makes it easy to maintain and clean- all you need to do is run it under a water faucet.

There are some attachments to the unit because each head is designed for different uses and all you need to switch heads is by pressing a button and changing the head.

The Surker 3-in-1 also comes with a powerful battery and can be used for up to 60 minutes when it is fully charged. The ergonomic design also helps a lot because it makes it easy and comfortable to maneuver when shaving.

Another reason to buy this shaver is also the warranty period which is a 2-year limited warranty. However, if you are not happy with the product within this period you can return it and get 100 percent of your money back.

The downside of this Surker 3-in-1 is that it has low adjustability and functionality. You only have a single button to switch on and off and there is no button that allows you to adjust your motor speed. At this day and age where you are so accustomed to plenty of buttons on your gadgets, having one button to control it all seems to limit despite it not affecting performance.

Electric Shaver Buyer’s Guide

The decision to buy a new electric shaver is a more serious one than some folks realize. Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you. A shoddy electric shaver will most likely leave bumps, irritation, redness, and stray hairs. In other words, the quality of your shaver matches the quality of your appearance. Don’t you want to look your best?

The Advantages of a Good Electric Shaver

Good Electric Shaver

Electric shaver technology has come a long way since your grandfather stood crouched over the bathroom sink sawing away at his face and neck with a dull blade. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see the higher-end electric shavers feature things like automatic cooling mechanisms, Nanotech blades, programmed power sensors, and state-of-the-art sterilizing stations. Additionally, even the less expensive electric shavers tend to feature extended battery lives and updated, ergonomic body designs that are complete with hand grips and proportional contouring.

Having a good electric shaver in your grooming arsenal is probably more important than you think. Once you experience the snag and pull off a dilapidated razor, you will understand. Making the decision to buy a new electric shaver is a pretty big deal whether you realize it or not. It is a personal choice, and with so many options out there it should be easy to find something that suits your unique needs.

Foil vs Rotary

You might notice that there are two different types of electric shavers: foil and rotary. So, what are the differences? Well, there are actually several.Foil vs Rotary electric shaver


  • Operate using oscillating cutting elements
  • Cutting elements are covered with a mesh-like foil material
  • Hairs poke through holes in the foil
  • Foil creates a protective barrier between the blades and skin
  • Cutters beneath the foil move quickly to remove hair

NOTE: Single-foil electric shavers are recommended for people whose hair grows slowly or for those who want an extremely close shave.  Basically: more foil equals more space between the hair and the blade.


  • Operates using multiple aluminum heads covering numerous spinning cutters
  • Heads guide the hair towards the cutting elements
  • Heads stay raised, allowing the rotary shaver to glide across the skin
  • Blades are driven in a circular motion when running

NOTE: When using a rotary shaver as opposed to a foil one, it’s important to keep the skin taut to achieve a smooth shave without irritation. As such, rotary shavers tend to work slightly better around tighter-skinned areas of the face and neck.

No matter which path you take, most electric razors reach their peak performance after about 30 days of regular use. This is due to the user becoming more comfortable using it, combined with the fact that many electric razors need to be “broken in” so-to-speak.

Q & A

Buy an electric shaver today and chances are you will have questions by tomorrow. Why not get ahead of the game before you waste your money?

Q: Does an electric shaver provide a better cut than a straight razor?
Q: Is there a special way to clean an electric razor?
Q: What’s the average lifespan of an electric shaver?

Buyer’s Checklist

Prior to selecting your next new electric shaver, consider the following product points:

  • Price
  • Brand Reputation
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Cutting Power
  • Accessories Included
  • Rotary or Foil
  • Appearance
  • Warranty

Wrapping It Up

Remember, nobody can tell you which electric shaver will work best for you or your intended purposes. It is truly a decision that is all your own, and the most anybody else can do is make an educated suggestion about it. Hopefully, this information has given you the facts you need to purchase the last electric shaver you will ever need – at least until the life expectancy runs out, that is.


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