Braun Series 7 7865cc review: Best choice, even in 2018

Braun Series 7 7865ccLet’s face it. No one wants to spend a tough time in the morning, struggling to get something as basic as grooming done before work. Let alone using a tissue to stop the bleeding, or sooth the redness, aching and even the pain that are often infected with manual razors. After thorough consideration on the wide range of brand new electric shavers now available, it seems that Braun has well taken the lead. Let’s review in depth the Series 7, model 7865cc offered by Braun.

Characteristics of 7865cc by Braun

Braun Series 7 7865cc is one of the latest electric shavers in the market. As it is known, German engineering has always been at the forefront of developments, and Kromberg-based Braun has made this time no exception.

Braun Series 7 7865cc Men's Electric shaver review

Drawn to our attention by leading review sites, Braun has charmed every customer after presenting its pulsonic system, the latest state-of-the-art technology in male grooming. 4.5 starts has it been awarded by its users, who somewhere in between dazzlement and awe, are short of time to count its 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute.

At first sight

At first sight, it might not seem cost-effective but when the package is seen in depth, the price and the comfort that comes with together begin to be coherent. Braun 7 7865cc is sold in either metal gray or silver color schemes – as opposed to the 9 series, which also can be found in chrome, with an outlook rather professional.

The box where you will find your new Series 7 electric includes a whole set – a travel pouch, a cleaning cartridge, a smart plug, a cleaning brush and a the Clean&Charge station. Not only does it come handy, but it is also packed sturdy and elegantly.

If it were only the electric shaver being sold, we’d be in no different place than other brands for half its price. Still, what is featured most innovative here is the station. It is a power station, a cleaning station, and a lubrication station, altogether in one black compact set. (We’ll see this element in depth a few paragraphs.)Braun Series 7 7865cc with cleaning system and travel bag

Inner mechanisms

Featuring four interconnected cutting elements, 7865cc guarantees that no single hair, be it long or ingrown, will pass unnoticed. The four cutting systems within the head of the shaver are Active Lift, Trimmer Protective, Skin Guard, and OptiFoil, each one carefully crafted by Braun. Comprised in one single electric shaver, the underlying design is thought to reduce irritation next to zero while providing tender shaving with facial hair as closely cut as 0.05 mm from the skin.

Braun Series 7 waterproofOne another feature imminently salient is that it is 100% waterproof. Here you are faced with two options: using the shaver directly in the shower or else, cleansing the head under running water. Both are just as possible and harmless to the circuits inside the seal. Provided that it’s 100% waterproof, Braun 7 7865cc is prepared to sustain prolonged use in moist or humid environments. Actually, it can go as deep as five meters below water.

Armed with 30,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, verifying the density of the facial hair 160 times a minute and comprising four different shaving systems, Braun Series 7 cannot provide anything more than an impeccable and fresh face. Moreover, the smooth shaving is multiplied by the Sonic system compassing back and forth onto your skin.

Intelligent as it may already be seen, take into account that you can use the Braun Series 7 at the same speed from beginning to end. This is when the pulsonic systems begin to take effect. This technology will turn the intensity of the shave to wherever needed, varying in power where there are batches of high-density hair and doing the opposite in light areas. In turn, this decreases irritation as there is no need to go over and over again the same spots.baldes of 7865cc

What about skin-care?

An issue normally arising from shaving is that sensitive skins are just not quite a fit. Old machine would not recognize the harm inflected on your skin. The blades would just pass over and over again on sensitive areas, resulting in redness, if not cutting. This is not the case any longer. Braun Series 7 now features five distinctive shaving modes, each one ranging from sensitive to a turbo. You will have to try them all and find out the one that suits your morning ritual and your skin-type the best way.

Learn how to Prevent Razor Burn here.

The 8D Flexible Shaving System featured by the Braun 7865cc might at first glance seem something you’d rather want in your car, but let’s take a closer look at it.  Once put to test on your problematic beard, eight cutting elements will revolve around your facial hair in two separate ways: MacroMotion and MicroMotion. In combination, these two are as flexible as to take on every contour, regardless of the shape.

In comparison with other brands and outdated models, this shaving device cuts hair sideways. As the head pivots as it goes back and forth along your face, Braun Series 7 provides a much smoother shave without irritation.

Ingrown pieces of hair will no longer be a problem either. Activelift takes care of these damn hairs gently. Basically, the Activelift system recognizes hairs lying flat or inside the skin and takes hold of them softly before removing them. No pain involved.

Be it with foam, gel, cream or just soap, your new shaving experience can be carried out in two ways. Either wet or dry. Wet in the shower, or dry and quick before leaving for breakfast. You will be glad to see how Braun has once again done its best to meet all men’s needs.A man shaving with Braun 7865cc

Adaptability & Battery

Braun has made 7865cc fit the electric characteristics of all countries. Wherever you happen to be, the plug can be connected safely as the connector is equipped with an automatic voltage adaptor. Along with your luxurious travel pouch, you will be ready to take a plane anytime, resting at ease that shaving will be troublesome not one bit.

Nor will wires be bothering you any longer. With wireless shaving devices, shaving has never been so easy. Hooked on to seeing where this electric shaver continues to do wonders? Wait and see.

At the very end of the Series 7 7865cc, you will find an indicator. This serves for the purposes of keeping you on the alert for when it is time to either clean the head or charge the battery. By the colors on the grading system, you will notice your electric shaver’s needs, as if it were your mobile phone being at stake. Simple, innovative and effective.

Braun Series 7 7865cc shaverWhat’s, even more, catching is its elegant outlook, probably aimed at matching your new most elegant appearance. Above the low end, you will find buttons distributed from left to right. These control the power speed, which can be increased or decreased as you feel more comfortable. The main blue button in the center turns it on or off. The LCD display sets whichever mode was chosen, and shows the overall state of the battery.

Reliable as it can get, its Li-Ion battery ensures performance and quick-charge for extended use or quick shaves. It can be fully charged in one hour or quickly charged in 5 minutes. The time spasm of the battery is 50 minutes in all, from 100 to flat 0.

The Wonder Station: Clean, Charge, Lubricate

Braun 7 7865cc stationIn one single artifact, Braun has provoked its best to make comfort and convenience meet in the same device. All at once, the station comprises as many systems as those in the electric shaver itself.

To begin with, it is rather unusual that an electric shaver need not be manually cleaned at least once a month. With Braun 7865cc, it will be unusual that you will do more than pressing a button in order to make the difference.

With the touch of a fingertip, the station scans the state of Braun Series 7 and puts forward an automatic cleaning and charging method. This is aimed at preserving the blades at best and the head as if untouched. Daily maintenance with the Clean&Charge is optional, but it assures a fresh, convenient proper usage day after day.

Automatically triggered by the button on the front, the station will get down to business. The first step involves the removal of remnants thanks to the cleaning formula. It’s effective because it is alcohol-based and, to top it all off, lemon-fragranced. The second step is charging. The third step targets lubrication, which is needed for the blades to remain sharp and cleared. One final fourth step uses a drying system to increase performance and durability.

The four-stepped system might sound far-fetched for an electric shaver but remember that the automatic program will go through these processes alone in time.

If hurried, there is another option suited for a moment of desperation. The fast clean option will have it packed and ready to use in 25 seconds.


  • The Clean&Charge station is advantageous. It takes care of all the trouble of owning an electric shaver.
  • Its ergonomic design makes it fall-proof, as so does its water-proof seal make it perfect for moist or wet environments.
  • It’s gentle on sensitive skins. If your skin-type has caused trouble over the years, use it with an aftershave lotion, cream or gel, so it will cause less irritation.
  • Versatility. It can be used either wet or dry, or well below around four meters of water.


  • If the objective is to have the Braun Series 7 new day after day, you may want to invest some money in the cartridges. The box includes one item alone, which after three months of use will need replacement. These are sold in packages of three units.
  • The price might seem at first a little bit overestimated. However, the system you are acquiring is made by Braun. What’s guaranteed by the manufacturer is mostly quality and reliability.
  • As a matter of fact, its four cutting elements functioning all at once might strike an attentive ear as noisy.

In all, despite the price, Braun offers an excellent option for the most enhanced grooming experience. Being at the forefront of developments and custom-made technologies, Braun Series 7 falls under the spotlight for any men seriously looking after his appearance.Braun 7 7865cc popup trimmer

Who is this product for?

The target buyers are adult men with little time and no desire to fool around with toys. Be it because of work or because of your special person, if you are on the lookout for a new shaver, Braun Series 7 must be well on your radar.

Four cutting elements, automatic mode for the density of hair, 100% waterproof, ergonomic and sleek design, fast charge, cleaning station, pivot head, all featured in a small device ready for some serious action. Its state-of-the-art integrated systems along with its included gadgets come along as time-saving, cost-efficient and most importantly, fully reliable.

No matter what your issue is as to shaving, Braun has a full set of tools comprised in one portable and cordless shaver. It is aimed at providing one unique experience while diminishing next to zero whatever possible problem your beard might have presented over time. The main concern targeted is skin-type and adaptability. This device is not meant for professional usage, but it is clear that Braun has been taking shaving to the next level without hesitation.

What users say of Braun Series 7

Excellent shaver. The docking continues to amaze me. The system works like a charm. The shave is what I expected.By Alvaro Mallado (5 stars.)
It’s clearly been manufactured by experts.By Matthew L. Petterson (5 stars.)
This shaver has made an incredible difference to my face as I always had problems with ingrown hairs getting stuck in my neck.By Joseph D. Marino (5 starts.)
I tried and tried this shaver but I don’t see why people continue to buy it. Shaving takes longer than with a manual razor, which is much cheaper. I got irritation in my face every time. I will continue to use my old-style way.By Flintstick (1 star.)
Probably not as good as a manual razor. Try to avoid this model if your beard is hard.By Rohit Abichandani (3 stars.)

More information about the Series 7 7865cc

Braun 7 7865cc on the tableAs is the case the complete Series 7, there are now available four models. Braun managed to throw the new line with little differences and the same price for them all. For instance, both Braun Series 7 7865cc and Braun Shaver Series 7 7899cc can be bought at the same price, they both can be used for dry/wet shaves and they both have a cleaning station. They still preserve five shaving modes and use the same technologies to function fully. The color scheme varies.

Different is the case with Braun Series 7 7865cc and Braun Series 7 790cc, which do vary in price and offer slightly different performances.

What’s more…
If your skin-type is on the sensitive side, rather than hardened, it will be a smart move to pick a smoothing cream or gel on the way back home. So is the case with an after-shave lotion or any product recommended by your dermatologist.


In all, Series 7 7865cc is certainly a far cry from the ancient and off-putting, pungent shavers of the past — a well-balanced option as to comfort and care.

This Braun Series 7 7865cc Review has considered the advantages and features, disadvantages and customer’s opinions, all intended to help you make up your mind. If this is the right moment to go serious with your beard, I hope we helped address your needs and concerns by the hand – or rather, grip – of one solid and long-lasting outstanding product.Braun Series 7 7865cc in hands



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