Braun Series 9 9290CC Review: The best shaver for the grooming conscious male

Braun Series 9290CC Men's Electric Foil Shaver

Shaving is as necessary as brushing the teeth for any grooming aware man but getting the flawless clean shaven look remains a distant dream for many people. Like many of your friends and colleagues, you may have ended up getting razor burns and cuts on your chin and neck occasionally! A malfunctioning razor or shaver not only gives you such annoyances, its usage can mar your grooming and appearance. So, you have to pick an electric razor for personal usage with utmost care.

There are never-ending debates on which is best for shaving– rotary or foil shavers. It is a matter of personal preference and grooming needs but we feel foil shavers adapt to face contour and angles better, resulting in shaves that are close to perfect. As for electric foil shaver, the sheer abundance is sure to leave you baffled- more so if you are shopping for the device for the first time. You may try reading online reviews but not all of them are authentic. Some reviews may have a preference for specific brands and finding an unbiased detailed review is so tough.

Braun is a name to reckon with, as far as male grooming is concerned. The Braun Series 9 9290CC is its latest electric foil shaver that comes with several enticing features and offers robust performance. We have reviewed the device for some time and compared it with some other models from Braun’s portfolio as well. Read on to find out why the device is suitable for diverse shaving and trimming needs. We have tried to keep the review as unbiased and useful for the end user as possible.

Braun Series 9 9290CC: An Introduction

Braun Series 9290CC introduction

This Braun Electric shaver is compact and stylish and it fits in a grooming aware man’s wardrobe or travel pouch easily. The silver and black metal body oozes elegance and weighs only 2.4 pounds. We found the build’s quality to be robust so you will not have to worry about those accidental drops that can occur in the washroom. Its titanium coated blades are excellent- to say the least. We had no problems in using it on a 3-day long beard and on totally unkempt, thick beard. Its trimming efficacy is also good and you will have no difficulty in getting the device aligned to your face contour. Overall, it offers enough punch for its price tag.

Braun Series 9 9290CC: features that make it worth recommendation

You buy an electric shaver primarily for shaving and trimming the beard. You are also likely to use it for shaping your mustache and sideburns from time to time. We did everything you are likely to do with your facial hair using this Braun razor series 9 model. We feel its features are actually useful, unlike the gimmicky ones found in some cheaper priced rivals. Here are the features of this Braun Electric shaver that will be handy for your grooming needs:

  • Easy shaving minus annoyance- The rubberized, textured grip areas on its body ensures it does not slip and fall easily. This is actually the case with most Braun models. This is convenient and actually safer when you are using the device with wet fingers and hands.
  • Waterproof- Unlike some shavers that are partially waterproof or splash proof, the Braun 9290CC is absolutely waterproof. We used it under showers and once it fell into a bucket filled with water but we had no hassles afterward. Braun says the device is waterproof up to 5 meters and we think the claim is true.
  • Convenient LED display- Using cordless foil shavers is convenient but how do you know about remaining battery amount? What if you are going on a trip and the shaver runs out of juice where you are not in a position to recharge it! With this Braun shaver series 9 model- this hassle does not exist. The Led display shows remaining runtime and also hygiene level- I think it’s very useful. It is actually better than those older models where you get an approximate idea of remaining battery life indicated by vertical bars. This model displays exactly how many minutes are left before it will run out of power.
  • Long run time and short recharge time- The shaver gets fully charged in one hour which is impressive- in our views. Then you can use it for 50 minutes. In real life usage scenario, one single recharge is enough to keep it using for a week or more, based on your usage pattern and needs. When you are in need of a quick shave or trimming, a few minutes recharge is all you need.
  • Multi-directional shaving head- Its flexible shaving head can be adjusted in 10 ways, thereby allowing the head to cut beard and facial hair efficiently. Unless you have very thick and unkempt beard, getting clean shaven look should not take much time.
  • Charging and cleaning station dock- This is something you do not get in many competing shavers. The dock is excellent but the drawback is that the shaver head should be free of foam or dripping water for it to work as desired. However, you will be hard-pressed to find models that offer such quick cleaning and lubrication of shaver heads. The entire process takes only a few minutes and it is almost silent.
  • Stylish and durable build- The device looks quite stylish, and I found it to be better than older 7 series models from Braun and some rivals models too. The plastic build does not mean it is fragile. The quality is solid and the grip is good enough for use with wet hands. Despite the robust build, it is not a heavy item.

Braun Series 9 9090cc

Pros and Cons of Braun 9290CC Foil Shaver


  • Fully waterproof device- ideal for use under showers too.
  • Automatic cleaning station that also charges the device and lubricates it.
  • SyncroSonic technology automatically adjusts power output based on beard type.
  • 4 separate cutting elements with 1 skin guard.
  • Quick charge feature- takes an hour to fully charge the shaver.
  • Long battery life- up to 50 minutes.
  • Convenient carry pouch- ideal for travel needs.
  • Flexible shaving ensures shaving head adjusts to face contour and curves well.
  • Convenient Led display.
  • Travel lock- a useful feature.

Braun Series 9290CC view


  • Big head- hard to reach area under the nose.
  • Manual cleaning is tedious.

What you get in the box

  • Series 9 silver Wet & Dry Shaver
  • Clean & Charge Station
  • Cleaning brush
  • Smart plug
  • Travel Pouch
  • Cleaning cartridge (1x)

Tips to get the best results

Braun Series 9290CC Electric Razor

The Braun Electric shaver indicates charging status as well as hygiene level and so you should not have difficulty in figuring out the next recharge time. Whether you use it to shave with foam or gel or in dry mode, ensure the head is wiped clean of residue. So, the automatic cleaning/drying will begin only if you manually dry the device head after usage! I personally think this is a bit of limitation but it works as described.

Should you buy it?

Shall you buy the Braun 9290CC electric foil shaver? Well, that will depend on your grooming priorities. Performance wise, I think it leaves little room to grudge about. Both wet and dry shaving should not pose any difficulty for you when you use it. I liked the multipurpose LED display and quick charge feature. However, the cleaning and charging dock is what the company may improve. You need to manually clean the shaver head before you can use it in the dock. The shaver itself is compact but the dock is quite large. However, the tough travel pouch is durable and handy.

We have compared the Braun Series 9 9290CC with other models in the 9 series and other models in the lineup. Take your final call after going through the detailed comparison below.

A comparison of Braun series 9 models: 9290CC vs 9295cc vs 9293s

The Braun shaver series 9 models are quite popular and are much sought after everywhere. However, we decided to compare a few models in this series and see where they differ from one another. We have compared the models on some vital parameters.

Wet and dry shaveCordless usePerformanceLed displayClean and charging station
All three models including Braun 9290CC are categorized as wet and dry shavers. This means you can use them on beard without foam or when you take a shower. They are also totally waterproof in nature.
All the models can be used in cordless mode and they also come with similar battery life and charge cycle. A full charge will last for approx 50 minutes
As we found out, there is not much difference from end user’s perspective in performance of these 3 models. They feature Protective SkinGuard, 10 directional pivoting head, Titanium coated blades and SyncroSonic technology with automatic voltage adaptation based on beard type and usage.
All the 3 models come with a convenient Led display feature. You can see remaining battery life and travel lock. In case of 9290CC and 9295 CC, you also get to see hygiene status.
The Braun 9290CC and 9295 CC models come with a cleaning and charging dock but the 9293S does not have one. It gets a charging station but no automated cleaning and drying is offered which is the case with other two models.

Basically, the 9290CC and 9295 CC models are quiet similar in looks and performance. While the 9295 CC is sold in glossy chrome finish the 9290CC has a matte finish silver exterior. So, the former acts as a fingerprint magnet. The 9293S is sold in glossy chrome finish as well.Braun Series 9 9293s glossy

A comparison of Braun 9 series models- old and new

If you have felt somewhat baffled by the naming convention of Braun shaver series 9 models, let us simplify it for you! There is a consistency in naming of these devices and once you understand the basics you can figure out what each model denotes. For example, the older series razor models begin with 90 and new ones begin with 92. The models ending with CC means they are sold with cleaning stations while those with S at end of name lack such docks. Now, let us see what the major differences are between older and newer models in Braun razor series 9.

Braun 9295 CC vs 9095 CC

The major differences between Braun 9295 CC vs 9095 CC are in appearances than functionality as we found out. For example, both the models sport a HyperLift & Cut trimmer with titanium coating. However, in 9095 CC it is blue and the newer model has a golden hue on the trimmer part. We found charging time, mechanism and battery life similar in both the models.

Braun 9290CC vs 9090 CC

The Braun 9290CC is a wet and dry shaver but the 9090 CC is meant only for dry shaving. Again the trimmer color is the differentiator between these 2 models. You get same accessories and performance is also similar. While the 9090 CC is meant for dry mode operation, you can use it under shower actually.

Braun 9293s vs 9093s

As evident from names, both the models are sold without cleaning docks. They both can be used in wet and dry modes and have cordless operations with waterproof body. The color of trimming clip is again the differentiator.

A comparison of Braun Series 9 with series 7

Braun Series 7 vs series 9

Ever since Braun unveiled the 9 series and then followed it up with a quick update, confusion among the buyers has shot up. There is significant price deference between the two lineups as you can see. However, we will not say the 7 series models offer much inferior shaving and trimming experience compared to the Braun shaver series 9. The 9 series models come laden with latest features and some of them can be quite useful too. We have analyzed the popular models from both Braun 7 and 9 series. Read on the detailed comparison to figure out which one is ideal for you.

As you will see, some models in same lineup are identical except for color such as the 9290 and 9295CC. The models we evaluated also include 9095CC, 9090cc, Series 7 790cc, Braun Series 7 799cc and 760cc-4. We have referred to the lineup more as series 7 and 9 models than using specific model names in this section.

Build quality and durabilityErgonomicsShaving performance
You will be using a foil electric shaver frequently including when you travel. So, a device with robust build quality is what you should buy for shaving and trimming needs. The Braun series 7 shavers are all robustly built and what made us a little amazed that the series 9 is not exactly a decided improvement on this regard. Yes, you will find the models like 9290CC much more stylish and enticing than any 7 series model but the former’s plastic build made me frown a bit. It is not cheap plastic but I expect a flagship model to come in metal. The Series 9 9295cc is a fingerprint magnet while 9290cc Silver fares better owing to its matte exterior.
The Series 9 models are larger than the series 7 counterparts but I won’t say that is bad for ergonomics. All 9 series shavers are compact and not heavyweight as such. However, the smaller shaving head in most Series 7 models make it easier for you to reach all parts of the face, including tricky parts like the place under the nose. You will need more time getting used to the Braun shaver series 9 models as they have bulkier shaving heads.
Let’s admit it- you buy a shaver primarily for quality shaving- not so much for flaunting it like your latest Smartphone! While both the series 9 and 7 models offer great shaving performance-the technological enhancements help the Braun shaver series 9 race ahead of series 7, to an extent.

Read our Braun Series 7 7865cc review its most powerful and affordable electric shaver.

1.Better trimming2.Skin contour adaptation3.Shaving time
Both series 9 and 7 models are equipped with trimmers to let you shape sideburns and moustache. However, in this aspect, series 9 models fare better than older series 7 ones. This is because in the series 9 models the pop-up trimmer is paved at back of the device but series 7 models have it at the front. We have used both and seriously feel series 9 is better at trimming.
Your face shape and contour is likely to be deferent from many persons you know. So, buying a shaver that adapts to your skin contour is always advisable. In this respect, we think series 9 models fare a tad better than older series 7 models. The MicroMotion technology in the series 9 models helps the blades and shaving head adjust with skin contour a little better. The 10-D contour adaptation in these models also fares a tad better than the older 8 D contour adaptation used in series 7 models.
Sometimes, you may be in hurry for getting a clean shaven look- more so when you have to leave for work. All you want at that time is a shaver that lets you get the perfect shaven look without requiring much time. The Series 9 models make 40,000 cross-cutting actions a minute while the series 7 models max out at 10000 actions.
Battery life and charging timeLED displayAccessories
Most of the models in both series offer 50 minutes of run time after a single charge. They require an hour or so for full recharge. Most of the devices in each series are totally water proof and using them in washrooms pose no hassles, as we found out.
When you use a cordless shaver for grooming needs, it is helpful if you can see remaining battery runtime and cleaning time indication. Both 7 and 9 series shavers from Braun come with display indicators but here we found the 9 series to be better. Most 9 series models display remaining battery runtime in minutes which is a more precise indicator than the bar based indictor found in most 7 series models.
You get nearly same type of accessories with the series 9 and 7 models, as I found out. The models worth CC nomenclature all have charging and cleaning stations. All Braun Electric shaver models are sold with a travel pouch and the build quality of the unit is indeed superb. The cleaning brush and charger unit are identical across the lineup.

Where it all leads to?

Braun Series 9290CC Electric Razor

Now that you have gone through detailed analysis and compression of Braun shaver

 series 9 and other models, you have to zero in on the apt device. Ultimately, it all boils down to your budget and grooming priorities.

I personally feel the 7 series models offer reasonably good performance for their price tags.

For nearly $100 less than the series 9 models they offer solid shaving and trimming performance. If you do not have a thick beard or keep experimenting with your stubble shape and size frequently, any 7 series model will fit your bill. I will suggest you buy a model that supports both wet and dry mode usage for practical reason.

Braun Series 9 9293s Wet and Dry shaver review

However, you would be mistaken to dismiss the new features used in the Braun razor series 9 models as mere gimmicks and marketing tactics. I found the titanium coated trimmer in Braun Series 9 9290CC model to be quite effective. The 10 directional pivoting head ensures faster shaving. So, the series 9 models fit the needs of men who are more grooming conscious and with deep wallets. The advanced Led display in these models is useful and better than series 7 units having bar based display indicators. There is no denying the styling look of the 9 series models either.





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