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Why The Braun Shaver Is The Best In The Market

Shaving is something that guys tend to do on a regular basis. Even if they have a beard, the guys tend to trim the beard up to make it presentable. This is when the guys should know more about what makes the Braun Shavers the best in the market. By knowing this information it will be easy for the guys to get the right shaver and know they are finally going to be clean-shaven and presentable when they are heading out. Here is what makes each series of the Braun shavers the best in the market.

Braun Series 1


The series 1 is the basic of shavers and often the one that most people will start off with. However, this series does have the features that you would expect with a Braun shaver including the smart foil that makes it easier to get a close shave without cutting yourself. The shaver also includes the middle trimmer that is going to cut all of the long hairs that people have and know the shave will be even when they are going around their face and getting the trim completed.


Braun WaterFlex series

The WaterFlex is a shaver that a lot of people are going to want to explore because it is quite a bit easier for them to use almost any time. The reason they can use this anytime is they are going to have a chance to use this in the shower or outside of the shower. So people can have wet skin, which tends to be easier for people to shave and keep a great look to their skin. So this is a shaver that a lot of guys will like because it is going to be easier for them to get the clean shave they want to have and know it will last for the day.


braun cooltec detailed review

This is a shaver that is going to help the guys who get razor burn pretty easy to have a nice shave and know the shave is going to suit them. What is really nice is the fact this is a shaver that is going to have the CoolTec technology controlled by a flip of the button. So this means the guys if they want to get a quick shave really quick, they can and not have to use the cool technology. However, if the guys are doing a deeper shave they will love this feature as it reduces the burning from shaving.

Series 3

Braun Series 3 for comfort

The Series 3 of the Braun shavers is one that has managed to introduce the micro comb shaver. This is one that people will really love because it has the ability to shave off the 3-day beard and any guy that has grown any type of a beard knows that this is torture to do. However, this technology has made shaving the 3-day beard easy to do.

Series 5


This is the series that Braun has used to introduce the flex head. The flex head is a great addition as it will move the shaving head around to the contour of the face. However, it is also a problem because it can move and if you have little scars on your face these could be missed until the hair gets quite a bit longer than what is expected.Learn more about it here.

Series 7


The Series 7 shaver is one that has managed to introduce the micro-vibration technology. This technology is one that people will really love because the vibration process is going to pull up more hairs on the first pass. This means the guys are going to get more hair shaved in a single pass than what most of the normal shavers would be using two or three passes to get done.

Series 9 Shaver

The Series 9 is the latest in the Braun shavers and has taken and combined all the technology advances the shavers have made in the past into a single shaver. This means people will have a smooth shave that is going to last them for a long time but also get more of the shaving done in a single pass. The one technology advance that is not present in the Series 9 shaver from Braun is the Cool Technology. However, with the speed that this shaver is going to cut the hair that is a mute point.

Braun Series9 hands on

Shaving is something guys do to help keep a clean appearance and sometimes because it helps to keep them cooler. This is when people should know more about why the Braun shaver is the best in the market. By exploring the different series that Braun has brought forth in the shaving world it will be easy for people to see why these shavers are the best in the land and continue to make guys happy.

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