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Philips Shavers: The Best in Comfort, Style and Performance

Philips is a brand that has the reputation of designing the very best regardless of the type of product it creates be it lighting, healthcare products or shavers. Philips shavers are highly acclaimed and popular among men as they are perfect as grooming tools.

Electric shavers have become a mainstay now compared to traditional razors because of the time and ease of use factors. These can trim accurately without the need for additional pressure and require fewer strokes to get that clean, smooth and well-groomed look all men aim at.

Other than the minor skin irritation that these shavers can induce, using them has certainly special benefits, as you will find out reading the various Philips shaver models available now and their features.

Philips Shavers series 9000

What makes Philips unique and different from other model shavers?

Philips shavers are primarily of the rotary type, while models such as Braun use foil shavers. Philips scores over its competitors with its high-performance design, innovative features and a wide range of shavers that suit different needs of grooming in men.

Read on to know more about the various series.

Philips Series 9000-No fuss all round shaver

This is the high-end Philips rotary shaver series that comes with pivoting tri-blade head and a wet/dry option. Model S9721/87 has a smart clean system, which obviously is expensive when compared to model 9800 which is available without the cleaning system and hence cheaper.Philips Norelco Shaver 9700 cleaning system

Three circular blades in the shaver head, a semi-solid type of pouch for use while traveling, and trimmer available as separate attachment are the important features of this shaver.

The shaver is a pleasure to handle and provides a smooth and close shave without being harsh on sensitive skin. The quiet operation, easy cleaning design and lightweight are other plus points that tip the scales in favor of this shaver.

If you are looking for a shaver with minimal fuss, this may be the one for you. The Smart Clean system at an additional £40 makes it even easier to use. Aside from having to hunt for the shaver, when you are in a hurry, this shaver is a great buy.

Philips Series 8000 – Satisfaction guaranteed

With every series, Philips includes an innovation that further boosts the performance of its electric shavers. In the Philips 8000 series, the Ultra Track shaving head is a new addition that takes care of a smooth and comfy shave for any type of hair you sport.Philips Series 8000 shaver

Other features that increase the performance power include GyroFlex 3D system for enhanced contouring, 50 minutes shaving time on full battery charge, AquaTec seal and Senso Touch 3D. Whether it is a dry or wet shave, the shaver puts up an impressive performance and the voltage adjustment feature is a definite plus, while on international trips.

Philips Series 7000 –Versatile Shaver

Series 7000 from Philips saw the introduction of GyroFlex 2D feature, which promises removal of the most stubborn stubble without a trace. This wet and dry shaver series has a perfectly designed cutting edge that blends with facial curves giving you the best ever clean shaven handsome look.

As far as features of this series are concerned, you have a quick charging and long lasting battery, click on beard trimmer with five settings for length adjustments, and the DualPression razor head with holes and slots for stubble and normal hair respectively, all make an impressive array. Philips shaver 7300

This shaver is effective on normal, long and stubble hairs making it a versatile shaver. The safe blade design enables a smooth comfy shave without any cuts or nicks.

Philips Series 6000 – Comfort, Style and Convenience

If comfort and convenience rank high in your shaver selection, the Philips Series 6000 with its soft-touch, ergonomic design and easy grip feature is a definite choice to look over. The wet and dry model shavers come with great and unique Philips shaver features such as Gyroflex 2D tech, blades with Skin Glide, and Lift and Cut technology, and Aqua Tec seal for comfortable dry and wet shave. philips shaver series 6000

The shavers offer a great experience, as you need only minimal pressure to get a close and smooth shave. The contour glide feature is soft on sensitive skin eliminating irritation of skin making this a good option for men with sensitive skin issues. And the battery lasts for 40 minutes and has 3-minute rapid charge feature too.

Philips Shaver Series 5000- Precision and Comfort Combo

Looking to get a close and smooth shave, quick and fast? The Philips 5000 series with its multi-precision blade, AquaTec feature and dual blade action are just what you need.  5-direction flex heads and clicks on trimmer make sideburns and mustache trimming a shaver series 5000 with trimmer

With the battery charge lasting up to 45 minutes and quick charge facility,  whether you have a stubble or longer hair, the superfast shaver with trimmer attachment does quick work and leaves you looking cool and good.

Philips Shaver Series 4000 – Smooth and Safe Shave

Afraid of using rotary shavers for fear of harming your sensitive skin? Philips 4000 series with its special Skin Protection System is just right for the protection your skin needs. With Super Lift and Cut action of the blade a comfortable, safe and smooth shave is guaranteed. The shaver is easy to clean. You just need to hold it under fast running shaver series 4000 for sensitive sskin

The dry and wet electric shaver boast of other special features too including dual precision blades, flex and float feature for a fast and close shave, and a trimmer attachment for mustaches and sideburns. The battery lasts for 50 minutes on a full charge and it also has a 3-minute rapid charge feature.

Philips Shaver series 3000- Dry Shaver for a Quick Shave

Not a fan of wet shaving? Or you don’t have enough time to go through the wet shaving routine? The Philips 3000 series dry shavers are just made for you. The shaver has many things going for it including close cut blades, corded/cordless flexible use design, 35 minutes battery life, and a popup trimmer. Self-sharpening blades with durable quality, precise and close shave of the razor make way for a highly satisfactory and very quick shave.Philips Norelco PT730/46 3500 Shaver

The battery is quite reliable. If you are in a hurry, plugging it in for just 3 minutes will give you sufficient power for a single shave. The trimmer is great for mustache and sideburn trimming. Ergonomic design, easy grip, and great handling features make it a dream to use. And the two-year guarantee is a definite plus, which is available with all Philips shavers incidentally.

Philips Shaver series 2000 – Convenient and Affordable

Need an effective electric shaver but at an affordable price? With features such as close cut blades, multi-flex heads, and flex and float system, the Philips 2000 series will definitely meet your needs and more. The pop up trimmer takes care of moustaches and sideburns shaver series 2000 model 2100

The shaver is convenient to use with both corded and cordless facility. The battery life is just 35 minutes after a full charge of 8 hours. With inbuilt hair chamber and cleaning brush, the 2000 series shavers give great value with their smooth shave and convenience features.

Philips Click & Style –The Complete Grooming Kit

Looking for an all in one shaving system that grooms and styles, besides the basic shaving feature? Philips Click & Style series offers amazing features that meet with all grooming needs you have perfectly. The series has 3 attachments of click on type enabling you to shave, trim your beard and even shave and trim your body.

Each attachment is designed with special care, so you stay ahead in the style department always. The five-length trimmer setting, pearlized and rounded tips in the body style and dual rotary blade in the shaver attachment give way for a perfect, suave and handsome look with very little effort. Battery lasts for 40 minutes on full charge.Philips Click & Style

Electric shavers abound in the market making it difficult to make a choice. With the brief overview of Philips Shaver series above, you are sure to find one that fits your needs and is worth its price too. Try the Philips shaver of your choice and end up looking wonderfully neat and trim.

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