Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 Review: DEFINITELY One Of The Best Electric Shaver

According to recent studies, the average man shaves at least 20,000 times in his lifetime.

However, not all 20,000 of those shaves are as comfortable as one would like them to be!

What is the reason for this? It all comes down to the equipment being used. Far too many people settle for disposable razors or low-quality electric razors.  

panasonic arc 5 es lv81 k

With “Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5”, a new option has arrived into the market. The question is, does Panasonic have a winner on its hands or is this another dud?

This detailed review should ponder over this question and break down the intricacies of Panasonic’s latest offering.

Key Features 

  • Robust 5-Blade Shaving System
  • Equipped With 14,000 RPM Linear Motor Drive System
  • High-End Cordless Electric Shaver
  • Smooth Black Finish
  • Includes Traditional Foil System For Better Shave
  • All Blades Are AT 30-Degree Angle For Best Results
  • Blades Made From Stainless Steel
  • Crisp LED Screen
  • Includes Pivoting Head Range (25-Degrees Back And Forth)
  • Includes Automatic Cleaning System

What’s Included In The Package?

Let’s begin with the packaging itself. It’s neatly designed and easy on the eyes. Panasonic once again shows its attention to detail by creating an excellent package for you to pick up.

panasonic es lv81 k blade

Moving on, it is time to open the box and get this review up and running.

Here is what you will receive in the package:

1) Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 Shaver
2) AC Adapter
3) Blade Cover
4) Travel Pouch
5) User Manual


Starting off, it is best to look at the aesthetics of this shaver. Panasonic is well-regarded for paying attention to how its products look. It does not skim over this aspect, and that is essential.

The smooth black finish and ergonomic design shine through. The electric shaver is easy on the hands and remains lightweight throughout. You can enjoy the shaving experience without having to rub your hands afterward.

Many shavers start to cause joint pain because of how heavy they are. This shaver does not pose such issues and has been designed with the user’s hands in mind. The design cannot be downplayed here, and Panasonic has done a tremendous job, to say the least.

Immaculate 5-Blade System

There is a “5-blade system” in place, and it works well. As soon as the shaving begins, it is this 5-blade system that kicks in and gets down to work. It can operate in all areas of the face and make it look simple.

Many men complain about shavers that are poor in specific parts of the face. For example, many shavers do a horrible job near the jaw.

For this review, it was important to test Panasonic’s shaver and see if it could handle the rigid parts of one’s face. Indeed, the shaver passed with flying colors and showed why it is heralded as being one of the better choices going right now.

The 5-blade system is a joy to shave with as it reacts well to movement and hair.

Pivoting Head Works Well

The pivoting head is a plus point as well. It can handle all parts of the face even as pressure is being applied. A good way to test pivoting heads is to shave in one motion without taking the shaver off of your face.

Did this pass the test in that regard? Yes, it did!

Just an incredible shaver as it was able to handle swift movement from one part of the face to another. This highlights how attentive Panasonic is to these details. They have poured over this information and made sure the pivoting head works as needed.

The design has been put together in a manner where each blade is angled for a closer shave (30-degrees). The pivoting head itself can move 25-degrees in both directions. This creates the ultimate experience for men who are shaving and looking to get as close as possible. The skin comes out feeling great after the shave is es-lv81-k arc5 electric shaver wet/dry

Comfortable Shave

Is Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 provides a comfortable shave? Absolutely.

Panasonic understands if they are charging a high price for their premium product, it should be a comfortable experience. The traditional foil system is easy on the skin, and you will never feel irritation on your skin.

The shave is close, but easy because of the multi-fit system. This system is designed to react to your skin and make sure there is no tugging. With a powerful 14,000 RPM motor, it can gently power through one’s hair and not tug at any point.

This is one of those benefits you will enjoy immediately. Many shavers don’t provide this including the main competitors in this niche.

Impressive Speed

The 14,000 RPM motor begins to show its class once again here. The speed is remarkable because it can power through. The reason people slow down as they are shaving is due to tugging and general discomfort.

With this Panasonic offering, you are never going to fear to tug, so you can move it around the face with reckless abandon. You will start to notice how quick each shave is in the morning or whenever you decide to tackle your facial hair.

Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 Is 100% Waterproof

What about men who love using shaving foam or dabbing a bit of water on their face? Will you be able to do this or is that a “no-no”?

You will be able to dab as much water on your face as possible. In fact, you could shave in the water if that is what you preferred. It is 100% waterproof, and it has been tested. The shaver can handle anything wet that is thrown in its direction.

You will be able to shave as desired and not have to worry about water-related damage. Your shaver is going to push through with ease.

Cleans As RequiredPanasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 men's electric razor clean

For those who are particular about their shaver and how quickly it cleans, you will never have to worry about this as long as you get Panasonic’s new shaver. They have done an incredible job with the automatic cleaning system.

It has been marketed heavily because of how well it runs and indeed it does a good job. It can keep the blades clean, and just a quick swipe will be more than enough to keep the blades churning.

The fact you don’t have to replace the foil all the time begins to highlight how good this solution is. The shaver is robust, and the automatic cleaning system continues to remain rapid for as long as you use it.

Aggressive Pricing

So, all of the pros have been listed for the Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5, but is it all rosy? Surely, there has to be something hindering the new Panasonic shaver?!

Yes, it’s not all rosy and it begins with the current price point. For those who have deeper pockets, you’re not going to blink at all. This is one of the best razors going and you will want the best money can buy.

If that is the case, you can move to the next con as it won’t impact you. However, for those who are on a budget which would include almost everyone, you will want the best, but at an affordable rate. In that regard, you will have to take a second look at this choice. It is going to cost a lot even if you are getting something worthwhile.

Factor this in as you look in the market. Some might still go ahead and get it, but others won’t. You have to figure out whether this is a con worth dealing with or not because the machine is immaculate on its own.

Average User Manual

The last con is Panasonic’s user manual. They haven’t done a good job here at all. It is as if the manual has been put in as an afterthought.

For a company of this magnitude, they have slipped up when it comes to their user manual. It is not a major flaw because most people won’t even look at the user manual, however, it has to be noted as a con regardless.

For those who do pick up the user manual, you might as well put it down because it is devoid of useful information and is poorly written in general.

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Concluding Thoughts

Is Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 the electric razor you’ve been searching for? Well, the positives are impressive, to say the least.

This is the ultimate razor right now and one that will fit your needs to a tee. The only concern is the high price, but for most who are looking to purchase the best, this is a no-brainer. Panasonic has done an incredible job with its attention to detail.

panasonic es-lv81-k arc5 men's electric razor

Nothing is amiss with this high-quality electric razor. The powerful motor and incredible 5-blade setup make it a unique experience and one worth enjoying. Getting your hands on this electric razor is going to be a dream come true.

It is a must-have for those who are serious about their shaving experience and want the best. It is simply the perfect fit in this price range.  

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