Panasonic ES2216PC Review: A great Women’s Electric Shaver but not perfect

Panasonic ES2216PC Review

Getting a decent shave from an electric razor doesn’t have to be difficult, especially with so many options on the modern market. Between all the well-made shavers, high-quality skincare products, and personal grooming technique, enjoying a perfectly smooth face and neck is more involved than ever. This makes some people nervous about making a purchase, and rightfully so.

Sifting through the electric razor choices is likely the hardest part, but it’s a lot easier when you have a comprehensive and concise review to serve as a frank guideline. While many reviewers will try to sell readers a particular product using clandestine marketing techniques, the average consumer appreciates honesty over cleverness. So, this review of the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver aims to examine a popular product with only objective eyes.

The Contents of This Review

Understanding the components of any item you buy is important, but it’s especially vital when your physical appearance and comfort are on the line. Misleading information can be more frustrating than words can describe. Thus, by the end of this review, you will know the following facts about the ES2216PC by Panasonic:

  • Its basic features
  • Its special features (if any)
  • Its size
  • Its weight
  • Its ergonomics (if applicable)
  • Its price (with and without relative accessories)
  • Its effectiveness (for its intended purposes)
  • Its popularity (according to the average customer review)
  • Its rating (when compared to similar models)

Being privy to candid opinions about a popular product is beneficial when making a purchase. Below, you will also find a comprehensive list of the PROS and CONS pertaining to the Panasonic ES2216PC as well as a final judgment call on the product based on rigorous testing and research. It’s time for these manufacturers, merchants, and consumers to know the truth.

What Is the Panasonic ES2216PC?

If you can’t tell already, the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver is just as the name suggests – a electrical-powered, handheld razor geared primarily towards the primping needs of women. Although there’s no official rule that says this shaver is only suitable for the ladies, it’s main features are what make it marketable as such.

Due to its sleek and feminine outer appearance which features a pearlescent pink casing, the ES2216PC is ideal for female groomers. Additionally, its overall design features ergonomics fit for a queen, with plenty of well-appointed curves and divots to accommodate the unique shape and size of a woman’s hand. While it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all shaver, the notoriety of the manufacturing brand has predetermined its popularity.

Nevertheless, this handheld machine is advertised as a wet or dry shaver with more than enough attachments to suffice the well-groomed. Its cordless operation and extended battery life keep it compatible with travel, but the lack of carrying case or charging port can sometimes complicate things. Luckily, the manufacturer also sells attractive, coordinated cases for less than $15.

While the base price is quite competitive, and the cost of extras is reasonable, some buyers still take caution before making an investment of that caliber.

Similar electric razors are priced about the same across the board, with several models (even some from the same manufacturer) falling in the range of both more expensive and less costly. This makes the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver fall somewhere in the middle as an average-priced device. In short, it’s more than suitable for people with a variety of budgetary limitations.

The Main Features

The Panasonic brand is a well-known manufacturer of products with integrity, so this review began with a consideration of the maker’s reputation. With that said, the overall design of the ES2216PC turned out to be rather impressive, with all the features required for a close and comfortable shave. Even the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body are considered. For instance, it comes standard with a snap-on bikini line trimmer for that super-delicate detail work.Bikini Attachment

Furthermore, this 1 ½-pound device feels solid in the hand and features numerous non-slip grips, curves, and indents. Ergonomics aside, the 9-inch shaver packs a serious punch with its 120V battery that recharges in an hour or less. Many ride-on kids’ toys feature weaker power sources.

Convenient and portable, the included adapter can be used with most international outlets without the motor losing any of its authority. The ultra-modern device also features several independently floating heads, allowing its blades to glide smoothly over the skin while cutting stubborn hair on the legs, joints, underarms, and bikini zone. Due to the unique pivot-action shaving system used on the Panasonic ES2216PC, getting a close and comfortable shave is quick and easy.

The multiple trim length settings make this product a winner as well. This feature allows users to cut cleanly without any painful tugging, and the 4 laser-sharpened blades beneath the hypoallergenic heads foster a swift slice of the hair follicle minus nicks to the skin. Seemingly gentle yet commanding, the ES2216PC by Panasonic is obviously made to perform (even if it’s not exactly the most durable thing on the market).

Panasonic ES2216PC blades

What Comes in the Box?

They say you get what you pay for, and that’s certainly the case with this shaver. While the price reflects its relative quality, consumers tend to desire as much as possible for their hard-earned dollar. The manufacturer may have priced the product fairly, but its lack of included accessories is difficult to overlook.

The box, which appears to be somewhat commercial-looking and is therefore not exactly suitable as an unwrapped gift, contains the following items:

  • The Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver
  • A detachable shaver head/trimmer
  • A universal AC adapter/charging stand
  • An instruction manual

As mentioned, you won’t get a carrying case or even a storage bag, but the ES2216PC is small enough to fit into most medium-sized bags so it’s not really an issue for most folks. Moreover, the entire contraption (snap-on accessories included) requires nothing more than a quick slash of water to clean, making the shaver an ideal product for on-the-go touch-ups.

NOTE: The 120V battery is contained within the body of the razor. Using the included charging port, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge the battery. Additionally, the battery typically lasts an average of 12 hours per charge and can be extended with proper monitoring of the power switch. Check your instruction manual for more information.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

pros and cons of Panasonic ES2216PCWhile it may seem as though praises are being sung for the Panasonic ES2216PC, it’s obvious to even an untrained eye that there are several design flaws regarding this product. And while the overall quality is evident, and its effectiveness is clearly demonstrated, there is always room for improvement. However, before the roast begins, let’s quickly review the top 10 positive aspects of this shaver:


  • Weight It Out – This device is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable operation.
  • Tag Along – Because the ES2216PC features a cordless design, it can be taken with you anywhere.
  • Power Up – The battery is fully rechargeable, which means you’ll never have to go without shaving because of a lack of power.
  • Zap It – While the battery is powerful and robust, it only requires an hour or so to recharge completely.
  • Love You Long Time – While the battery takes only about an hour to fully recharge, the power absorbed is stored inside the device’s innovative energy system and thereby lasts for nearly 12 hours.
  • Miss Independent – The device’s use of independently floating heads makes shaving around boney or sensitive areas of the body a whole lot easier.
  • 4 Score and a Super Shave – The four separate titanium razor blades resting underneath the independently floating heads combine to give an exceptionally close cut that seldom irritates the skin.
  • You Go Girl – The days of women being forced to use masculine-looking electric shavers are over now that feminine machines like this one are on the market.
  • The Price Is Right – Considering most people throw this thing inside their luggage rather than use it as their daily shaver, the price is on point.


  • Just Hold Me – Safe storage of the Panasonic ES2216PC is difficult because it comes with nothing but the machine, the power cord, and some instructions.
  • Superficial Love – There’s a good chance you might fall in love with this machine, but since it doesn’t come with a storage compartment or even a manufacturer’s warranty, there might also be a chance you could get your heart (or shaver) broken.
  • Breaking Up Is Easy to Do – While the weight distribution of this device is well-appointed, and the outer casing is made from industry-standard materials, the overall durability of the ES2216PC leaves much to be desired.
  • Leveling Out– Because this thing doesn’t come with very many accessories, nor does the manufacturer sell any separately, your shaving experience can get no better than what it is the first time.
  • Power Is in the Eye of the Beholder – Many customer reviews reveal the lack of power behind this device’s battery-operated motor and this review is no exception.
  • The Juice VS. The Squeeze – While convenient, well-designed, and priced right for its intended purposes, it’s still a tough call whether the cost of this device is commiserated with its overall quality.

It’s certainly a close call regarding the value of the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver when compared to all the other options in the industry. There are certainly several positive aspects of the machine. However, as is the case with all budget-savvy products, some of its inherent quality must be sacrificed to cut costs. This device toes the line, making it a sound investment for the average woman who has the money to spare.

Less expensive electric shavers are always for sale through discount merchants, but well-made, well-designed, and well-appointed automatic razors are harder to come by. Panasonic has done a good job at churning out highly respected merchandise for years. The streak was not broken with the shaver in this review, although several things could be improved upon before the release of any new and improved version.

Panasonic ES2216PC Wet or Dry

Final Verdict

High-quality electric shavers, especially the ones for women, have come a long way since their invention in the early 1900s. Back then, the average Joe (or Jane) removed their pesky body tresses using either straight razors or makeshift electrical devices that cut more skin than hair. It’s a good thing we have machines like the Panasonic ES2216PC to complain about these days.

Recent studies have shown that an improper shaving technique can cause embarrassing skin irritations, dangerous infections, or worse. Getting a good cut is important, especially when you’re shaving sensitive body zones without any water. Since this electric shaver is marketed as appropriate for wet or dry shaving, users can enjoy safe and effective cuts with or without lubrication. That’s definitely a plus.

Panasonic Close Curves

Moreover, the Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver by Panasonic is backed by years of reputable manufacturing, meaning it will likely last for a while if you maintain it properly. The only setback there is the lack of storage included with your purchase, but that problem can be solved rather easily. And while the device might not pack as much of a powerful punch as you would like, the close precision of the blades can’t be denied.

When compared to other devices that are designed or priced about the same, the Panasonic ES2216PC came out on top (but barely). It’s rather average in its operation and appearance, albeit a shade of adorable pink. It would be nice to have some more color options for customization, and perhaps a coordinated storage case included with an upgraded power system. Overall, however, this shaver is certainly worth the money if you’re in the market for an attractive electric shaver that’s likely not to fail.


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