Philips Norelco Bodygroom 1100 Review: Men’s Best Budget Body Trimmer?

philips norelco bodygroom 1100 reviewIs trimming your body hair a must? Many men these days prefer a more groomed look, while still maintaining a masculine appearance. And that’s what the right trimmer gets you.

And why use several appliances to get one job done? What if you have one trimmer for your whole body? One that’s completely user-friendly and best of all, leaves your skin irritation free?

I may have found our solution. Finding it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I’ve tested multiple higher end body trimmers and I’ll admit some were impressive.

But when I tested the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 I was quite surprised. Is it the one you’ll be using in future too? Read on and decide for yourself

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 1100 Review

I believe everything you need in a trimmer is incorporated into the Philips BG1026/60. It even has features you and I didn’t know we want.

Brief Overview

I used the Series 1100 for quite some time to gauge its durability. The experience I had gives you an idea of what to expect when you use it too. My experience? Not everything is perfect and there were some aspects that fell short of my expectations.

However, the good vastly outweighs the bad.

It’s still a perfect trimmer for me. Maybe you’ll feel the same?


  • The head goes over all areas smoothly without any risks of accidental cuts.
  • The trimmer uses one single AA battery that’s long-lasting.
  • Using the trimmer is painless because the blades or comb won’t pull longer hairs.
  • Clean shaves will be smooth with no skin irritations.


  • You need to stroke more than once over areas with thicker hair.
  • The head needs to be rinsed after two or three strokes because hair can clog the blades.
  • The trimmer/shaver doesn’t remove or trim hairs as quickly as needed.
  • The head doesn’t rotate, making it hard to shave curved areas of your body.

Who Is This Product For?

philips norelco bodygroom 1100

If you’re a man that wants to trim or shave the hair on all body parts, this product is for you. It has the features you need to make everyday grooming possible and easy.

Philips Norelco BG1026/60 Best Features

What do you seek in a trimmer or shaver? Explore these features in the Series 1100 to determine if it’s the one for you.

What’s Better, Dry or Wet?

Philips Norelco Body trimmer BG1026

Some men prefer a dry shave and others wet. Maybe you require both features depending on circumstances?

The final verdict is that the Philips BG1026 can be used in the shower and outside for dry shaving. In both cases, shaves leave the body free of irritation.

Will the one method make the blades go blunt faster than the other? Absolutely not, because the blades are long lasting.

Convenient Design

The Philips BG1026 has one of the best design features I have ever seen, with portability as one of the main attractions. Here’s what else you’ll enjoy.

Trimming Is Effortless

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 BG1026

Do you want to recreate that perfect stubble length without shaving? This product makes it easy.

The trimmer is designed with unique skin protection guards. You can trim as close as 1/64’’ to the skin.

Sometimes hair doesn’t grow in one direction only. You need to be extra careful with which direction to trim for an even appearance.

But this trimmer has an easy solution. No matter the direction your hair grows you get an even look with the bidirectional trimmer and 1/8’’ comb. The bidirectional trimmer lets you trim according to the different hair growth directions.

You can also use this to trim your thicker hair areas before you shave.

The Best Grip Control

norelco bodygroom 1100 review

How many times does your trimmer or shaver slip out of your hands, especially when in the shower? The Philips Norelco Series 1100 counters this problem.

Most of the body is covered with rubber. No more accidental slipping—which can result in cuts—will happen again.

Easy Storage

Finding a place to store the trimmer after use can be frustrating. Especially if you’re particular about the neatness of your home.

The shower cord attachment makes storage simple. Hang the trimmer over the shower’s faucet and you’re good to carry on with your day.

Power Efficient

norelco bodygroom 1100 battery

The trimmer runs on a single AA battery. It uses less energy than many other shavers, but remember it won’t work as fast.

A single AA battery can last up to two months if you use the product every second to third day.

The Philips BG1026 is completely waterproof. Water won’t damage the battery.


We’ll compare the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 BG1026/60 with the Philips Series 3500 BG5025/49, which is another great Norelco Series product. 

 Series 1100Series 3500
Cutting SystemCutter width: 32mm
Cutting Element: Bidirectional trimmer
Cutter width 32mm
Shaving element: Foil with two pre trimmers
AccessoriesShower cordBack handle loop attachment
Number of lengths1 fixed length setting3 fixed length settings
MethodWet and dryWet and dry
Power1 AA battery
Runtime: Up to two months
Built in Lithium-ion battery
Runtime: 60 minutes. Recharge time: 60 minutes.

To me it seems The Philips BG1026 is the clear winner. It’s more energy efficient and easier to use. It does lose out on the number of fixed lengths. But if you can do without the variety, your other needs will mostly be met.

Final Verdict

Taking a look back at this Norelco Bodygroom 110 Review I once again see why I’m happy with my decision. This trimmer is perfect for the modern man who wants to keep his appearance neat and practically hair free.

The main reasons why I recommend it is:

  • It trims hair well without the risk of getting any nicks.
  • The blades won’t pull any hairs.
  • You can trim or shave every inch of your body including the scrotum and butt cheeks.
  • Your skin will be smooth and irritation free.

The long-lasting battery and blades are also a huge bonus.

Will you make a change and shave with the Philips Norelco BG 1026/60 from now on? What if it’s the best shaving decision you ever make? 



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