Remington PG6171 The Crafter Review: A Versatile Grooming Kit

Remington PG6171 The Crafter ReviewIf your hair grows as fast as mine, you probably understand just how expensive it can get when you have to see the barber twice, or even three times every week; just to maintain a decent look. This is what I had to put up with for years before I discovered these little guys called electric trimmers, and they changed my life, and how I look too.

Advantages of having an electric trimmer at home

Advantages of an electric trimmerMaintaining a beard and detailing it takes a lot of effort especially when you grow out your facial hair. Fortunately, electric beard trimmers are an affordable and efficient way to get and maintain a stylish, clean look every day – at the comfort of your own home!

Trimmers help you achieve your desired style whether it is a goatee, full beard, chin curtain or whatever suits you. How many times have you gone to see a barber for a specific cut just to change your mind after you get there because you felt shy? Well, you do not have to worry about this ever again with a trimmer at home.

A glance at the Remington PG6171 Crafter Review

Remington’s Beard Boss Style and Detail Grooming Kit is a versatile trimmer since it comes with eleven other pieces in the kit. These include:Remington PG6171

  • A full-size trimmer
  • A foil shaver
  • A detail trimmer
  • A nose & ear trimmer
  • An adjustable comb
  • Five fixed combs
  • An electrical power adapter

For a quick review, below is a short list of all the things I liked about the Remington PG6171 and some of the stuff I thought were not so great.


  • It is 100% waterproof. You can, therefore, clean it with water, does it get any easier than that?
  • Works continuously for 3-hours without a recharge
  • Powerful enough to trim just about any type of hair


Beard Boss Style Trimmer

  • You may need a guide to insert accessories correctly
  • Machine oil and brush is not included in the kit

Trimmer for modern men

After using the Remington Beard Boss trimmer, my first thought was that this would be well suited for men who love beard art. This is because I found it to be a great hair sculpting and shaping tool rather than a shaver.

remington the crafterIt comes with a variety of tips that serve various functions. For example, there is a tip that much resembles a normal clipper blade that just trims off your beard. I found this very useful, especially if you have lots of long hair to trim. There is also a foil shaver and a detail trimmer with a rounded tip that allow for a closer shave.

In terms of ease of use, this machine has an extended neck that makes it easy to navigate your facial hair while trimming and at only one pound, it is considerably light. Even if you have never used a clipper or trimmer before, learning to use this one will take you only a few hours.

Features that really stand out in the Remington PG6171’s The Crafter

When you are using the Remington PG6171, there are some useful functionalities, most of which you cannot miss. For instance:

High-performance cordless trimmingTurbo modeSelf-sharpening stainless steel bladesAdjustable comb100% waterproofStorage case
The Remington PG6171’s lithium battery can run for three hours continuously. Additionally, it has a quick charge feature that only takes five minutes but provides enough juice for a full trim, a great functionality for when you are in a rush. However, remember to keep the batteries charged since you cannot use the machine when plugged in.
The Crafter can be used in either the normal or the turbo mode power settings. Turbo mode gives you the boost you need when dealing with a stubborn beard. It also makes beard detailing easier because I could achieve greater accuracy with the high speeds. The normal mode, however, is not very powerful.
The Remington Beard Boss Styler cuts really smoothly with the self-sharpening blades slicing through any hair type. This is the ideal trimmer if you always nick yourself when trimming your beard thanks to its rounded tips that simply glide over your skin.
One of the best features I liked during the Remington PG6171 review was the adjustable comb that has 15 length settings. You can use it to cut different beard sizes by easily locking-in the length you prefer, between two and twenty millimeters.
The Crafter is built with an outer rubber cover that is completely waterproof. You can use it in the shower for easy cleanup.
Included in the package is a handy storage bag that helps you keep all the eleven pieces in one place. You can also use it while traveling to ensure you do not lose any of your attachments.

Hit or miss?

remington the crafter kitWithout a doubt, Remington is an outstanding trimmer manufacturer and they did not disappoint with the Remington PG6171 the Crafter. Looking for decent trimmers can be a daunting task and this is why the Crafter is such an amazing choice. It is versatile when it comes to length settings and powerful enough to cut through coarser hair.

All the accessories work well and smoothly and the storage pouch is ideal for staying organized. Additionally, it is really easy to maintain while getting the most out of it. I would definitely recommend this to men who are particular about their style or have a rather difficult beard to maintain or stylists seeking for a detailing machine. Generally, this works perfectly and is a great buy. 

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