A Better Way of Shaving—is the Remington XR1400 Your Answer?

Remington XR1400 ReviewIs pain, irritation and frustration part of your shaving ritual? Why is this still an issue? Technological advances happen daily. It’s baffling that this problem can’t be solved for men across the world. But new products do enter the market. Let’s see if the Remington XR1400 shaver is the solution you and I have been waiting for.

You know how important grooming is. It implicates your business and personal life because both your boss & your next date require you to look your best. 

Remington aims at giving you all you need in one simple device. It’s even compact, designed to fit in your suitcase wherever you go. I tried it for a while and put together this review for all men to use.

Will this be your shaver from now on?

Remington XR1400 Review

Remington XR1400 ReviewPurchasing a new shaver has budget and comfort implications. And each man has his own preferences, right? Below I listed the most important facts you need to make an informed decision.


Let me help you see this in perspective with this in-depth Remington XR1400 review. This is not simply a shaver. Remington’s goal is to give you one device that helps with many grooming aspects.

I love the idea that I don’t have to carry around three different devices anymore. You can shave but you can also simply maintain your beard thanks to the customized features. 


  • Flexibility: The head is designed to adjust. It will work for any size or shape face. It also limits pressure on the skin.
  • Versatility :You can shave or trim long and short hairs with one device. It’s also safe to use in wet or dry conditions because it’s waterproof.
  • Comfort: It feels comfortable thanks to an ergonomic grip. This allows you more control and leads to fewer accidental cuts.
  • Practical: It’s charging time is short and the battery lasts long enough for any shaving session.
  • Design: Because it’s safe to use in wet conditions it’s easy to clean.


  • Battery options: Only the rechargeable battery option is available. This may prevent you from using during your next camping trip.
  • Design: The smaller plastic components—such as combs—tend to break, leaving them useless.
  • Price: It’s slightly more expensive than similar products.
  • Accuracy: – You can get a close shave with the Remington XR1400 but it won’t be a clean (bald) cut.

Who is This Product for?

Remington XR1400With this model, I can’t think of shaving limitations, but don’t think it will work to cut off your long hair. And if you’re used to clearing your hair away with a razor this shave may not feel close enough.

However, if these looks are what you’re after, you can give it a try:

  • A general shave
  • Trimming your beard for a professional look
  • Cutting your beard with guide combs at a length of 1.5mm to 15mm
  • Managing unique hairstyles such as a Mohawk

And here’s why this shaver is better than trusting your regular blades: It’s scrub component massages your skin to help deal with sweat and oil. If you have skin prone to irritation, this could solve it.

So how does one gadget do all of this? 

Features and Benefits

Who do you trust with this important daily activity? The Remington brand has been in the market since the early 1800s. Their years of experience give them enough firsthand experience to create products that align with what consumers want and need most.

Looking at the Remington XR1400 Verso I quickly see which areas they focused on.

The Different Parts

Grip of Remington XR1400The comfort of your shave depends on these parts:

  • An ergonomic handpiece: You hold the shaver by its handpiece that’s small enough to fit into most people’s hands. The grip has a rubber casing which makes it comfortable to hold and prevents slipping in wet conditions. Instead of managing a huge, long shaver you have control. Your hand easily guides the small shaver exactly where you want it to go. This minimizes accidents and is less tiring to your hand.
  • The HyperFlex neck: Thanks to triple floating heads the shaver can easily follow faces’ contours. This causes less pressure and irritation.

 When you’re planning the perfect shaving session you alternate between these attachments to get the most out of your shave:

  • The Precision Plus shaving heads: The three heads are designed to cut both short and long hairs. You only need to shave once to take care of all hairs.
  • Charcoal infused bristles: The scrub attachment massages your face but also prevents skin problems. The charcoal infused bristles take care of oil, sweat, and dirt trapped in your pores. With your skin clearer, you’ll experience less irritation.
  • Trimmer: After a general shave you can add the X-factor by trimming your beard or sideburns. The set offers you 10 different adjustable comb lengths:trimmer sizes
    • 5mm
    • 2mm
    • 5mm
    • 3mm
    • 5mm
    • 6mm
    • 9mm
    • 12mm
    • 15mm

The parts are noted to be skin friendly. They’re designed to cause as little friction and irritation as possible.

Because these features meet all the needs I have during shaving, it feels like having my own barber in my cupboard. Are these features what you’re after too?

What Features Does it Have?3 features

The different parts help you take care of:

  • Shaving
  • Trimming
  • Scrubbing
  • Detailing

Yes, there is a small pop up detailer that enables you to trim your facial hair so you look extra professional.

The Technical Side

I don’t easily trust new gadgets. What if the brand simply wants to make money out of me? But when you understand how the design guarantees a positive experience, it’s easier to trust it. So here’s what you can rely on.

The Power

I take my shaver everywhere I go. Therefore battery life is an important feature for me.

batteryIf it’s the same for you, the Remington XR1400 will serve you well in most cases:

  • It’s a MaxLithium battery.
  • The battery lasts 45 minutes. This allows enough time for a full grooming session.
  • The supplied power stays consistent throughout the session with enough torque. Your shaver won’t deteriorate in efficacy simply because the battery starts running low.
  • Recharging time is four hours. This allows you to use it in the morning and the evening if necessary. By the time you need it again it will be fully charged.

The charging mechanism indicates when it’s charging so there’s no doubt that your Remington XR1400 will be ready when you need it.

If you forgot to charge your shaver you can use it while it’s plugged in. This will, of course, affect your maneuverability.

The Heads

How does one shaver get it right to shave both short and long hairs? This is thanks to different cutting features that are present on each PrecisionPlus head:

  • Long slots
  • Small holes

Each type of opening takes care of a different length hair. Now you only have to shave once to remove all your unwanted hair.


If I say I use my shaver everywhere, I’m not kidding. I want to use mine in the shower or in the car. Electrical safety is a vital feature.

With the Remington XR1400 Verso’s WETech technology you get a waterproof casing allowing you to shave in wet and dry conditions.Travel case

Are you putting this on your shopping list yet?

Ease of Use

You can see Remington was established in an age of style and sophistication. Instead of simply sending you this device on its own, you’re provided with a handy, stylish carry case.

The Premium Travel Pouch is hard wearing so you’ll use it for years to come. It allows you to transport your Remington XR1400 in a compact way. It also protects your hands from accidentally getting cut or the components getting damaged.

Final Verdict

Yes, this is my ideal shaver. But it’s not for everybody.

Remington XR1400 VersoIf you’re already a Remington owner you’ll love this upgrade, because they put effort into improving the battery and the comfort. You can work with even more precision than ever before.

But you must remember this will never match the results you get with open blades such as a general or barber’s razor.

But I love the detail I can add to my look without paying for a barber’s services. Minimizing my trips to the experts also makes up for paying slightly more than I would for some other shavers.

And my shave sessions are relatively short. I don’t even have to charge this shaver every day. So don’t think an electrical shaver will cause your utility costs to skyrocket.

If you want a new shaver, give the Remington XR1400 a try. Its comfort, quality heads, and ergonomic features are worthwhile investments. Yes, you can transform shaving forever. 

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