How to Use Shaving Soap? A well-groomed man’s guide

A well-groomed man’s guide to using shaving soap

Like millions of men, you may have become accustomed to using shaving gel or foam frequently-for getting a clean-shaven look.  Your grooming wardrobe probably has one of the latest multi-blade razors or electric razors too! If the sight of a rare section of men using single blade, manual razors has made you curious- it is time you look at their shaving solution. Shaving soaps are used by a small number of men these days- and it is a pity. You may be unaware, but shaving soap bars are equally capable and useful as those OTC shaving gels and foams-when it comes to shaving experience and ease.  The difference between liquid shave gel and foam with shaving soaps is like the distinction between ready-made garments and ones made with old-fashioned way- by ordering at tailoring shops! 

Advantages of Shaving Soap Bars

Before you learn How to use shaving soap, it is also necessary that you learn their advantages over OTC shaving solutions. We will tell you about the major benefits:

  • Longer lasting- While the duration of a shaving solution, foam or soap will depend on your usage frequency and pattern eventually- there is no denying shaving soaps last longer than gel or foams. The soaps tend to have a longer shelf life than those OTC gels and shaving creams.
  • Economical- Owing to their longer life, shaving soap bars will prove to be lighter on your wallet in the long run. We think, an average shaving soap may last for a few months, even if you shave every alternate day.
  • Fewer chemicals- While the OTC shaving gels and foams have a nice aroma, they are more likely to contain chemicals and sometimes, allergens. So, you should stick to shaving soaps if you have sensitive skin. We have tried several shaving soap bars with varying aromas, but have not faced skin irritation.
  • Easy portability- For traveling needs, using shaving soap bars is more convenient than shaving gel and foam cans. Yes, you may find small sized cans of gels too, but a shaving soap bar will require less space in your travel bag. You only need to dry the soap after each use and you are good to go!

Things to analyze when buying Shaving Soap Bars

Just like shaving gels and foam solutions, you will find plenty of shaving soaps in the market. We have made it simpler for you to select the most suitable product. When shopping for shaving soaps. Use the following aspects to compare and select.

  • Fat and glycerin percentage- The shaving soaps that we’ve tried and have pleased us, all contain high levels of glycerin and fat. Glycerin is a nice humectant and it helps hydrate your skin. It also works as emollient and your hard beard gets softened by it too. The fat content in shaving soap helps lubricate the skin and allows the razor to glide over your skin’s surface and contour. We think you should look for shaving soap with 50 percent fat in it.
  • Cost-Our experience says, in case of shaving soap bars, the price is not necessarily a true indicator of quality. However, you should not go for the dirt cheap ones either. These are likely to be bathing soaps in disguise of shaving soaps.
  • Aroma-Like many other grooming products you use, shaving soaps also come in a wide range of scents. We cannot decide on your behalf which will suit your taste. However, those with citrus or woody smell should fit your bill as well. Of course, you can pick from flavors like mint and eucalyptus. As it is, you are likely to splash some aftershave lotion or balm on your face soon after shaving. Ideally, if you do not use aftershave or cologne much- opt for a shaving soap with strong aroma for shaving.

How to Use Shaving Soap

How to use shaving soap

To use a shaving soap bar, you will need a few ingredients. These include a mug, soap tray or bowl, brush. Once you are equipped with these items along with the soap, delve into the process. We are here to guide you- step by step!

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
We always recommend using lukewarm water to get the best shaving experience- regardless of what things you use for shaving. Wet the shaving brush and razor by dipping them in a mug filled with lukewarm water for a few minutes. We suggest you use a badger hair brush which has no synthetic fibers and retains water better.
Next, lather up the shaving soap with circular motions. The bubbles will only get smaller as you keep lathering. Once you get a thick lather, apply the brush on your face and neck slowly. Do not hurry up and lather in a circular motion till the beard is covered in lather.
Now, you can start using the razor to shave the facial hair. Based on your beard type and thickness, repeating the total process twice may be required. Before the second usage, dip the razor and brush in warm water to get the best shaving experience.
After shaving is done, allow the shaving soap to dry and then store it in a place away from humidity and sun.

Where it all leads to?

We have covered the basics that you need to understand on how to use shaving soap and find the best one. However, there is no fixed formula and individual preferences and comfort level do come into the picture. You may have a preference for soft woody smell, but someone else may prefer strong citrus scent in their soaps. If you find it tedious to get a rich and thick lather from these soaps, that could be owed to having hard water.

What we feel is you may not get the best or most apt shaving soap bar in first attempt.  Of course, you can read the online reviews of such soaps. Once you try a few such soaps, you will surely understand what suits your needs the best.

List of Shaving Soaps to Consider


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